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Constitutional Bloc (Bulgaria)

The Constitutional Bloc Bulgarian: Конституционен блок was a political alliance in Bulgaria in the early 1920s It was formed by parties that opposed the ruling Bulgarian Agrarian National Union BANU in the early 1920s


The alliance was formed on 6 July 1922 by the United People's Progressive Party, the Democratic Party and the Radical Democratic Party, and aligned itself with the People's Alliance It also launched a new newspaper, Slovo Word

The alliance won 17 seats in the April 1923 elections, and also ran a joint list with the Bulgarian Social Democratic Workers Party Broad Socialists that failed to win a seat However, its most prominent leaders were arrested and held prisoner on charges of being responsible for the defeats in the Second Balkan War and World War I As a result, the party engineered a coup d'état that overthrew the BANU government In August most of the alliance's leadership joined the new Democratic Alliance, after which it was dissolved


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Constitutional Bloc (Bulgaria)

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Constitutional Bloc (Bulgaria)
Constitutional Bloc (Bulgaria)
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