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Conservative Party (Bulgaria)

The Conservative Party Bulgarian: Консервативна партия was a Bulgarian party which existed between 1879 and 1884 It was linked with the newspapers Vitosha, Balgarski Glas and Otechestvo

The Conservative party formed the first two governments of Liberated Bulgaria but could not win any parliamentary elections It supported the 1881 coup and the Proxy Regime of Alexander I Battenberg which suspended the Tarnovo Constitution after which it was fully discredited and fell apart

As soon as 1882 the group of Marko Balabanov joined the moderate wing of the Liberal Party led by Dragan Tsankov which later formed the Progressive Liberal Party After the political crisis of 1886 and 1887 some party members such as Dimitar Grekov or Grigor Nachovich joined the People's Liberal Party of Stefan Stambolov The other leaders of the Conservative Party joined the People's Party formed in 1894 by Konstantin Stoilov which also included members of the Eastern Rumelia People's Party

Important members

  • Marko Balabanov 1837-1921
  • Todor Burmov 1834-1906
  • Georgi Valkovich 1833-1892
  • Dimitar Grekov 1847-1901
  • Todor Ikonomov 1835-1892
  • Kliment Turnovski 1841-1901
  • Grigor Nachovich 1845-1920
  • Konstantin Stoilov 1853-1901
  • Ivan Hadzhienov 1843-1923


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  • D Popov "Партийната структура в България от 1879 до 1901 година"

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