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Combustible Campus Guardress

Combustible Campus Guardress 爆炎CAMPUSガードレス, Bakuen Kyanpasu Gādoresu is an anime original video animation The project was created by Satoru Akahori, features the original character designs of Kazushi Hagiwara and Kazuchika Kise The English name "Combustible Campus Guardress" was originally coined by members of the Project Daicon subtitling group when they did the fansub for No-Name Anime1

The plot involves students from Tobira High School, who are guardians that must prevent the evil "Remnants" from reopening the gate that will let demons take over the world Predominantly a parody of other "save the world" anime, there are fight scenes throughout the story It is not suitable for children2


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Jinno Takumi Akira Ishida He is the "gate" which will allow evil to spread throughout the world Jinno Hazumi Rica Matsumoto A guardian who protects Takumi and treats him as her real brother Chiryuu Kouichi Yamadera Kijima Touta Akio Otsuka McCoy Fumihiko Tachiki Yamashiro Kazuma Toshiyuki Morikawa


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  • Bakuen Campus Guardress anime at Anime News Network's encyclopedia

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