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Collared lemming

collared lemming, collared lemming facts for kids
Dicrostonyx groenlandicus
Dicrostonyx hudsonius
Dicrostonyx nelsoni
Dicrostonyx nunatakensis
Dicrostonyx richardsoni
Dicrostonyx torquatus
Dicrostonyx unalascensis
Dicrostonyx vinogradovi

Dicrostonyx is a genus of rodent in the family Cricetidae[1] It contains the collared lemmings They are the only North American rodents that turn completely white in winter[2] It contains the following species:

  • Northern collared lemming Dicrostonyx groenlandicus
  • Ungava collared lemming Dicrostonyx hudsonius
  • Nelson's collared lemming Dicrostonyx nelsoni
  • Ogilvie Mountains collared lemming Dicrostonyx nunatakensis
  • Richardson's collared lemming Dicrostonyx richardsoni
  • Arctic lemming Dicrostonyx torquatus
  • Unalaska collared lemming Dicrostonyx unalascensis
  • Wrangel lemming Dicrostonyx vinogradovi


  1. ^ Musser, GG; Carleton, MD 2005 "Genus Dicrostonyx" In Wilson, DE; Reeder, DM Mammal Species of the World: A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference 3rd ed Johns Hopkins University Press pp 970–973 ISBN 978-0-8018-8221-0 OCLC 62265494 
  2. ^ "Dicrostonyx groenlandicus, Bering collared lemming" Animal Diversity Web Retrieved 19 April 2016 

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Collared lemming

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Collared lemming
Collared lemming
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