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Coccinella novemnotata

coccinella novemnotata, coccinella novemnotata herbst
Coccinella novemnotata, the nine-spotted ladybug or nine-spotted lady beetle, is a species of ladybug native to North America

The nine-spotted ladybug has been the state insect of New York since 1989,1 though its numbers have declined as the numbers of introduced species such as the seven-spotted ladybug and Asian lady beetle have increased It was for some time thought extinct in New York,2 so in 2006, the state considered designating the pink spotted ladybug as state insect instead, but the bill did not pass the Senate In 2006 the nine-spotted ladybug was rediscovered in Virginia the first East Coast sighting in 14 years3 In 2011, about 20 of these ladybugs were found on a farm in Amagansett, New York, the first such sighting in the state since 19824


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The nine-spotted ladybug can be identified by the presence of four black spots on each of its elytra, a single spot split between the elytra, and a black suture between the elytra Its pronotum is black, with two connected white marks at the front of its head


C novemnotata has historically been native in North America to the United States and southern Canada5 C novemnotata has become rare across its native range It was once the most commonly collected coccinellid in the northeastern United States until the early 1990s with the last individuals collected for Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware between 1986 and 1988, and another collection in Maine in 19926 Another specimen would not be collected in northeastern states until 14 years later in 200657 More recently, C novemnotata has only been collected sporadically in the Midwest and west coast of the United States6


Invasive coccinellid species such as Harmonia axyridis are sometimes associated with the decline of C novemnotata, but the species was becoming rare some in areas before the introduction and population increase of invasive lady beetles Changing agricultural habitats have also been considered as another possible explanation, but recent studies do not suggest a correlation between C novemnotata densities and land-use change6


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coccinella novemnotata, coccinella novemnotata herbst

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Coccinella novemnotata

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