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Chronicon Paschale

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Chronicon Paschale the Paschal Chronicle, also called Chronicum Alexandrinum, Constantinopolitanum or Fasti Siculi is the conventional name of a 7th-century Greek Christian chronicle of the world Its name comes from its system of chronology based on the Christian paschal cycle; its Greek author named it Epitome of the ages from Adam the first man to the 20th year of the reign of the most August Heraclius

The Chronicon Paschale follows earlier chronicles For the years 600 to 627 the author writes as a contemporary historian—that is, through the last years of emperor Maurice, the reign of Phocas, and the first seventeen years of the reign of Heraclius

Like many chroniclers, the author of this popular account relates anecdotes, physical descriptions of the chief personages which at times are careful portraits, extraordinary events such as earthquakes and the appearance of comets, and links Church history with a supposed Biblical chronology Sempronius Asellio points out the difference in the public appeal and style of composition which distinguished the chroniclers Annales from the historians Historia of the Eastern Roman Empire

The "Chronicon Paschale" is a huge compilation, attempting a chronological list of events from the creation of Adam The principal manuscript, the 10th-century Codex Vaticanus græcus 1941, is damaged at the beginning and end and stops short at 627 The Chronicle proper is preceded by an introduction containing reflections on Christian chronology and on the calculation of the Paschal Easter cycle The so-called 'Byzantine' or 'Roman' era which continued in use in Greek Orthodox Christianity until the end of Turkish rule as the 'Julian calendar' was adopted in the Chronicum as the foundation of chronology; in accordance with which the date of the creation is given as the 21 March 5507

The author identifies himself as a contemporary of the Emperor Heraclius 610-641, and was possibly a cleric attached to the suite of the œcumenical Patriarch Sergius The work was probably written during the last ten years of the reign of Heraclius

The chief authorities used were: Sextus Julius Africanus; the consular Fasti; the Chronicle and Church History of Eusebius; John Malalas; the Acta Martyrum; the treatise of Epiphanius, bishop of Constantia the old Salamis in Cyprus fl 4th century, on Weights and Measures


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  • Matthaeus Raderus Munich, 1615: Chronicon Alexandrinum idemque astronomicum et ecclesiasticum editio princeps, Greek text with Latin translation
  • L Dindorf 1832 in Corpus Scriptorum Historiae Byzantinae, with du Cange's preface and commentary
  • J P Migne, Patrologia graeca, vol 92
  • See also C Wachsmuth, Einleitung in das Studien der alten Geschichte 1895
  • H Gelzer, Sextus Julius Africanus und die byzantinische Chronographie, ii I 1885
  • J van der Hagen, Observationes in Heraclii imperatoris methodum paschalem 1736, but still considered indispensable
  • E Schwarz in Pauly–Wissowa, Realencyclopädie, iii, Pt 2 1899
  • C Krumbacher, Geschichte der byzantinischen Litteratur 1897

Partial English translationedit

  • Chronicon Paschale 284–628 AD, translated by Michael Whitby and Mary Whitby Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 1989 ISBN 0-85323-096-X


  •  This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Chisholm, Hugh, ed 1911 "Paschal Chronicle" Encyclopædia Britannica 11th ed Cambridge University Press 
  •  This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Herbermann, Charles, ed 1913 "Chronicon Paschale" Catholic Encyclopedia New York: Robert Appleton 

External linksedit

  • The 1615 editio princeps by Raderus at Google Books
  • Chronicon Paschale Olympiads 112–187
  • 1832 Dindorf edition at Google Books: Vol1; Vol 2

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