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Chrome Zone

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Chrome Zone is the first ever retail store by the internet search company Google The store's only location as of May 2012, inside the PC World located on Tottenham Court Road in, London, England, opened in late September 2011, and a second location in Essex, England opened on October 7 of the same year The store only sells Chromebooks, laptops that run the Chrome OS, as well as their accessories As of May 2012, no more Chrome Zone locations have been opened besides the two in England In a statement released by the Google UK Head of Consumer Marketing Arvind Desikan, it was revealed that the London and Essex stores were only the first installments of "mini-shops" to be spread out internationally in the coming years


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The Chrome Zone's only products so far are Chromebooks, which are specially designed notebooks that run the Chrome OS and are manufactured by Samsung and Acer, and accessories to go alongside the netbooks themselves


The interiors of the Chrome Zone shops are brightly colored and modern, going along with Google's signature color palette Stools, which guests sit on to try the Chromebooks, are a variety of colors and their middles are hollowed out The computers themselves are situated on abstract-shaped tables, with a white underside and a blue upper layer which can also hold the netbooks


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