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Christian Fraser

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Christian James Fraser born 13 November 1973 is a British writer and award winning BBC broadcaster, specialising in news and current affairs

Fraser was a long time foreign correspondent for BBC based in Nairobi, Rome, Cairo, and Paris He is currently the BBC's Senior News Correspondent, and based in London presenting on major international stories Since the inauguration of Donald Trump, he has co-hosted 100 Days, 100 Days+ and Beyond 100 Days alongside Katty Kay broadcast at 7pm on BBC World News worldwide and the BBC News Channel and BBC Four in the UK


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Fraser was born in Burnley, Lancashire He attended Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Blackburn, before graduating in Spanish and Business Studies at Leeds Metropolitan University He joined Trinity Mirror in 1995, as a trainee reporter, working for the Sunday Mirror and the Daily Mirror He became a full staff correspondent on the Daily Mirror in 1996 before joining the BBC in 2000

Life and career

Fraser began his professional broadcasting career as an investigative reporter for BBC Radio Five Live In 2002 and 2003 he reported on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq He spent several months in Baghdad reporting on the transition In 2004 he embedded with the Welsh Guards in Al Amarah where British forces were battling the insurgency of Muqtada al-Sadr In 2005 he collected Gold at the Sony Radio Awards for Five Live's rolling coverage of The Tsunami, which Fraser presented through the night In 2005 he was posted to Nairobi, where he reported on the wars in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Southern Sudan and in 2006 he was nominated in the News Journalist of the Year category at the Sony Radio Awards In the summer of 2006 he moved to Rome, where he was the BBC's correspondent for almost two years In that time he reported on the war in Lebanon and in 2007 in Italy he covered the murder of Meredith Kercher and the trial of Amanda Knox A year later he moved to Cairo Fraser was the only British correspondent inside Gaza in 2007 during the Israeli invasion, known as Operation Cast Lead He spent a week in the Palestinian city of Rafah as the Israeli's dismantled the tunnels At the Prix Bayeux in 2007 he was recognised in the international radio category for his reports on child casualties In 2010 he covered the revolution in Egypt for BBC TV and was appointed that year as the BBC's correspondent in Paris In 2011 he reported on the war in Libya, first from the rebel held Benghazi and then from Tripoli as the war dragged on In 2014 he returned to London as the BBC News Channel's Senior News Correspondent, reporting from Crimea, during the Russian takeover In 2015/16 he presented live coverage of the unfolding terrorist attacks in France and Belgium He now presents for the BBC News Channel, BBC World, BBC Breakfast and Radio 4's PM programme


Christian is married to Topaz Amoore, he has two children and lives in London He supports Burnley FC


External links

  • BBC News website
  • Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Blackburn website

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