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Chhota Bheem and the Throne of Bali

chhota bheem and the throne of bali movie, chhota bheem and the throne of bali (2013)
Chhota Bheem and the Throne of Bali 2013 is an Indian animation film based on the characters Chhota Bheem and his friends This is the sixteenth movie in the Chhota Bheem series and the second to be released to theatres rather than to television The film was distributed by Yash Raj Films and released in three different languages—Hindi, Tamil, Telugu—and received mixed reviews This movie was also released in USA on 1 February 2014


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The film opens with Dholakpur under attack with some wild wolves taking away a baby of an innocent woman Bheem comes to the rescue and defeats those wolves to save Dholakpur Later in the Dholakpur royal palace, Princess Indumati sees a horrible dream and requests her father, King Indraverma to tell her a story Indraverma tells Indumati about a beauty of a land, Bali In Bali, a Balian chants some mantras to release an evil and deadly demon, Rangda Next day, King Indraverma gives a brief introduction of a boy of Bali who is none other than Arjun,the Rajkumarprince of Bali Rangda is released from Kaal Dhund and creates her own army of Leyaks,magical demons

Next day, King Indraverma, Princess Indumati along with Bheem and his friends set out on a trip to Bali Indraverma tells more about Bali on their way But before they reach Bali, it is attacked by Rangda and her magical demons, Leyaks However, Arjun manages to escape and is rescued by Guru Bahula,the royal priest of Bali Bahula manages to escape with Arjun and hide in a cave Arjun is found unconscious lying on a bed He soon wakes up and addresses Bheem and friends as mere kids Chutki and Raju feel that they shouldn't help Arjun at all Bheem explains his friends to keep patience and asks them not to leave Arjun in this dangerous situation Meanwhile, Rangda sends Leyaks to kill any one in Bali who has survived their previous attacks

Next day, Arjun who doesn't look fully recovered is cheered up by Bheem who throws a laddoo high up in the air and Arjun successfully jumps and catches the laddoo and eats it,indication of his recovery from his injuries Bheem and his friends along with Arjun train under the supervision of Guru Bahula to face Leyaks

They then see Leyaks attack Bali and all of them run to stop Leyaks by pulling their horns and tails They fight bravely until when Bheem sees a Leyak coming to attack Arjun, who is fighting bravely and stops him but Arjun still did not like Bheem helping him out Raju challenges Arjun and Bheem for a Leyak killing competition

As the competition starts,ends with Arjun killing 99 Leyaks and Bheem killing 100 Leyaks, emerging as the winner Dholu, Bholu meet up with two pretty Indonesian girls, Aci and Ayu, falling in love with them Meanwhile, Guru Bahula wanted to find out what kind of devils these Leyaks are, so he chants a mantra and sees Guyang, Rangda's sycophant taking two sheep of Bali to Rangda to be killed Rangda reveals that after three days,she is going to destroy Agung Mountain to destroy Barong,the supreme god of Bali She forms electrifying rays which hit Bahula on the other side,making him unconscious Rangda sends Rarung,a demon to kill Bheem and Arjun Both Bheem and Arjun soon make up as a team and kill Rarung Just then,Rarung turns into a beautiful fairy named Sonmukhi who tells them every useful information about Rangda The kids then form a monkey army to fight with Rangda

Next day, Bheem and Arjun along with their friends set out for Agung Mountain to complete their mission They come across a beautiful lake in Bali and cheer up Arjun by singing a funny song Arjun runs to a hill and sees that Rangda is increasing her powers through a ritual Bheem speaks about something to Arjun and he hugs Bheem,indication of their friendship They set out in different directions,with Bheem heading towards Chief Dukun,leader of the Bali Agah Tribe while Arjun, Kalia, Dholu and Bholu encountering with Baruk, caretaker of a temple on Agung Mountain Arjun explains to Baruk that Rangda is going to attack Agung Mountain the next day Later in the night, Chief Dukun gives Bheem and his friends a few special weapons and soon they head towards the palace

Meanwhile, Kalia, Dholu and Bholu are day dreaming On the other hand,Baruk reaches the temple along with Arjun and tells him that they take care of this temple because it has the supreme weapon, Keris which was used by Bali's last prince to fight Rangda Arjun rushes inside to find Keris Bheem and his friends reach the palace to stop Rangda from completing her rituals and to save Arjun's parents They manage to rescue Arjun's parents but when Bheem tries to stop Rangda,she sends a demon named Shadow Rangda to trick Bheem Bheem tries to stop Shadow Rangda,thinking it is Rangda but fails and falls down under the demolished palace and is trapped

Chutki feels that Bheem should have reached back by then but he didn't so she,Raju and Jaggu go and look for Bheem Rangda finishes her rituals and attacks Agung Mountain becoming stronger and more powerful Arjun is still searching for Keris when he sees fire inside the palace and thinks that his parents have been killed King Indraverma,Baruk and Chief Dukun along with their armies head towards Agung Mountain to fight Rangda and her Leyaks A long fight ensues while on the other hand, Chutki, Raju and Jaggu are looking Bheem in the demolished palace They fail to find and Jaggu calls his monkey army and they manage to find Bheem,the kids and the monkeys think that he is dead But he opens his eyes and as soon as he eats two laddoos, he is full of energy They head towards Agung Mountain along with Arjun's parents

They all fight with great bravery and determination and soon Jaggu once again calls the monkey army to kill the Leyaks King Indraverma reaches there with his army and they finished all Leyaks Bheem finds Keris but accidentally gives it to Arjun who in an attempt to finish Rangda fails Bheem jumps into boiling lava and is rescued by Barong He explains to Bheem that not Arjun, he is the real prince Bheem succeeds to finish Rangda and bring happiness and prosperity in Bali once and for all Arjun's coronation takes place in the palace and the ceremony ends with a traditional Balinese dance as the film comes to an end


Regular characters

  • Bheem— a eleven-year-old boy, hero of the film
  • Chutki— a nine-year-old girl, friend of Bheem
  • Indumati— a nine-year-old girl, young princess of Dholakpur
  • Raju— a six-year-old boy, friend of Bheem
  • Indraverma— king of Dholakpur
  • Jaggu— a monkey and Bheem's friend
  • Kalia— a twelve-year-old boy and friend of Bheem, but he is jealous of him
  • Dholu Bholu— identical twin brothers, followers of Kalia

Film specific characters

  • Rangda – evil witch, captures Bali
  • Arjun— a eleven-year-old boy, young prince of Bali
  • Bahula— a scholar of Bali
  • Balian— ex-royal priest of Bali
  • Aci and Ayu— identical twin village girls of Bali
  • Leyak – magical creatures

Voice cast Hindi,Telugu,English

  • Parignya Pandya Shah – Bheem
  • Vivaan Bhimani – Arjun
  • Rupa Bhimani – Chutki
  • Mausam – Kalia
  • Rajesh Kava – Jaggu


The First time, we did not have much experience Probably we did not market the film like we are doing it this time, on a larger scale This time, the film is bigger than the first one It has lot of songs and music, more monsters and Bheem will be facing bigger challenges “ ” Rajiv Chilaka

The animation series Chhota Bheem was launched in 2008 After the huge success of the series, Indian animation content producer Green Gold Animation, in association with PVR Pictures, released their first full-length movie, Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damyaan, which was a surprise success at the Indian box office The second film was again directed by Rajiv Chilaka Yash Raj Films were the distributor of this film The film introduced a new character, Arjun, a young boy, a friend of Chhota Bheem

Release and reception

Professional reviews
Review Scores
Source Rating
The Times of India

The film was distributed by Yash Raj Films and released on 400 screens on 3 May 2013 The film got mixed reviews from critics and reviewers The Times of India reviewer, found the animation quality of the film far better than that of other contemporary Indian works They also appreciated the simple story telling in the film Sify, in their review, found the film "critic-proof" and gave 3 out of 5 stars 123telugucom commented that the second half of the film was slower in comparison to the first They also found that Arjun's character was portrayed well in this movie They also gave the movie 3 out of 5 stars

Box office

The film was very successful at the box office, earning 230 Crores in the first week, and 314 Crores after the second week As of 4 June 2013 the film has earned 433 Crores

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  • Chhota Bheem and the Throne of Bali on IMDb
  • Official website

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