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The Catalan Wikipedia Catalan: Viquipèdia en català is the Catalan-language edition of the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia It was created on 16 March 2001, just a few minutes after the first non-English Wikipedia, the German edition With about 525,000 articles, it is currently the 17th-largest Wikipedia as measured by the number of articles, and the fifth-largest Wikipedia in a Romance language In April 2016, the project had 582 active editors who made at least five edits in that month The edition is most notable for its large number of quality articles, which illustrates the Catalan language's important online presence despite being a minority language


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On March 16, 2001, Jimmy Wales announced that he wanted to create Wikipedias in other languages and mentioned that there was interest in creating a Catalan version The first tests were made on the deutschewikipediacom, and a few minutes later, the Catalan Wikipedia was created in the catalanwikipediacom domain

The first edit on a non-English Wikipedia was at 21:07 UTC, March 16, 2001, made to the Catalan Main Page The first contribution in a non-English article dates from March 17 at 01:41 UTC in the article Àbac Despite being created after the German Wikipedia, for about two months it was the only non-English Wikipedia that contained articles

After some time, the domain changed to cawikipediacom and later to cawikipediaorg About 2003 its community started to use the name "Viquipèdia" when talking about this edition of Wikipedia Nowadays this word is used in Catalan language to refer the whole Wikipedia About 2005 the domain wwwviquipedianet was registered and it redirects to cawikipediaorg In 2007 wwwviquipediacat was also registered and redirected

The first registered user was probably AstroNomer, presumably used only to make some registration tests, but the first registered user to make lasting contributions was Cdani, the same user cited in Jimbo Wales' message

In 2005 the Catalan Wikipedia community debated on which names of the Catalan language to present in the main page and other policy pages, either català, "Catalan", valencià, "Valencian", or a combination of both català-valencià and català o valencià Although there was not a consensus on any of the proposals, users agreed that in articles relevant to the Valencian Community, the name "Valencian" was to be used; on all other articles "Catalan" is preferred The main page avoids making reference to a particular nomenclature, by simply stating aquesta versió, "this version"

Milestones and historical main pages

Milestone Date Article
1 article March 17, 2001 Àbac Abacus
10,000 articles November 16, 2004 Unknown
20,000 articles November 19, 2005 Diputat Member of Parliament
30,000 articles May 6, 2006 Lunitari Lunitari
40,000 articles September 20, 2006 Enginyeria d'aliments Food engineering
50,000 articles January 4, 2007 Puerto Real Puerto Real
75,000 articles August 31, 2007 Eutidem filòsof Euthydemos
100,000 articles January 18, 2008 Arrel cúbica Cubic root
125,000 articles August 12, 2008 Llúdria gegant Giant otter
150,000 articles December 28, 2008 Guerra dels Ossos Bone Wars
175,000 articles May 7, 2009 Spilocuscus Spilocuscus
200,000 articles September 21, 2009 Carnaval de Solsona Solsona Carnival
250,000 articles June 29, 2010 Mare de Déu del Claustre Mare de Déu del Claustre
300,000 articles December 21, 2010 Pastítsio Pastitsio
400,000 articles April 12, 2013 Heli-4 Helium-4
450,000 articles February 3, 2015 L'executor The Executioner 1970 film
500,000 articles March 11, 2016 Oda Krohg Oda Krohg
Evolution of the number of articles

See also

  • "Viquipèdia:Vint mil articles en català" Wikipedia in Catalan Wikimedia Foundation 2005-12-06 Retrieved 2006-06-24 
  • "La Wikipedia catalana ad Alghero" in Italian Algerit 2009-11-26 Retrieved 2010-04-04 
  • List of Wikipedias by sample of articles


  1. ^ Contributors are users who edited at least 10 times since they registered


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  • Catalan Wikipedia Catalan
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  • Internet Archive – Catalan Wikipedia main page, 27 March 2001 Catalan

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