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castellabate, castellabate napoli italia
Castellabate is a town and comune in the province of Salerno in the Campania region of south-western Italy


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The area was inhabited since Upper Palaeolithic times In early medieval times, the current frazione of Licosa was a base of the Saracens, who were defeated here in 846 by a coalition of the Duchy of Naples, Amalfi, Sorrento and Gaeta

The history of the current Castellabate is tied to Saint Costabile Gentilcore St Constabilis, fourth abbot of La Trinità della Cava In 1123, the same year in which he was elevated to the position of abbot, he started construction on the Angel's Castle 10 October 1123, which afterwards became entitled to him His title gave the village its present name: Castrum Abbatis, Latin for "the castle of the abbot" His abbacy lasted until 17 February 1124 His successor, Simeon, completed its construction and helped the inhabitants

Later, Castellabate fell under the control of the barony of the Cilento It then passed, in turn, to Caracciolo, Loffredo, Filomarino, Acquaviva, and finally the Granito family who carried the title of marquis and later became princes by marriage in 1745 Castellabate remained in the family of the Prince of Belmonte until the end of the feudal era


Castellabate borders with the municipalities of Agropoli, Laureana Cilento, Montecorice and Perdifumo It counts the hamlets frazioni of Alano, Licosa, Ogliastro Marina, Santa Maria and San Marco; and the localities of Lago and Tresino


The nearest railway station is found at Agropoli Served by numerous trains, which include Eurostar Italia, it is found on the route of Naples-Reggio Calabria In terms of roads, it is served by the A3 Highway, which connects the town with the coast of Cilento

Access by sea is found at the port of San Marco di Castellabate


Castellabate's cuisine is based on local products: wine, olive oil, cheese such as mozzarella, garbanzo beans, salami, and confections made with figs


Benvenuti al Sud,1 an Italian adaptation of the 2008 French film Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis, is set in Castellabate and partly in its hamlets Santa Maria and San Marco2

International relationsedit

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Castellabate is twinned with:

  • Blieskastel, Germany, since 2008

See alsoedit

  • Cilento
  • Cilentan Coast
  • Santa Maria di Castellabate
  • Harald Winter


  1. ^ Benvenuti al Sud on IMDb
  2. ^ in Italian Article on the Corriere del Mezzogiorno

External linksedit

  • Tourism in Castellabate and in the National park of Cilento
  • Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park in Italian in English
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