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Carpathian Ukraine

carpathian ukraine, carpathian ukraine europe
Carpathian Ukraine may refer to:

  • in terms of geography, western section of Ukraine that includes several regions on both sides of the Ukrainian Carpathians
  • Trans-Carpathian Ukraine, designation for an Ukrainian region beyond the Carpathian Mountains, including:
    • Trans-Carpathian Ukraine 1918-1919, short-lived unification project and claim of the West Ukrainian People's Republic
    • Trans-Carpathian Ukraine 1938-1939, an autonomous region, and in 1939 a short-lived unrecognized republic known as "Carpathian Ukraine"
    • Trans-Carpathian Ukraine during World War II, the former territory of Carpathian Ukraine after the annexation by Hungary in 1939
    • Trans-Carpathian Oblast or Zakarpattian Oblast, an administrative unit of Ukraine, covering Ukrainian Transcarpathian region
  • Cis-Carpathian Ukraine or Prykarpattia, designation for Ukrainian regions on the eastern foothills of the Ukrainian Carpathians
  • Sub-Carpathian Ukraine, general designation for Ukrainian regions under the Ukrainian Carpathians, on any side of the mountain ridge
  • Coat of arms of Carpathian Ukraine, coat of arms of Ukrainian Carpathian region
  • Carpathian Ukraine economic region, one of nine economic regions of modern Ukraine

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Carpathian Ukraine

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