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Carolyn Wonderland

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Carolyn Wonderland born November 9, 19721 is an American blues singer-songwriter and musician She is married to A Whitney Brown


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Early life and educationedit

Carolyn Wonderland was born Carolyn Bradford2 in 1972 in Houston, Texas, United States1 Wonderland dropped out of Houston's Langham Creek High School to pursue her music ambitions3


In 1999, Wonderland moved to Austin, Texas; in 2001, she lost her apartment lease after her landlord became ill, and decided to live out of her van since she was spending more than 300 days a year on the road performing3

Wonderland's instrumental abilities include guitar, slide guitar, mandolin, trumpet, and piano Although primarily a blues artist, Wonderland likes to incorporate elements of country, swing, zydeco, surf, gospel, soul, and cumbia into her musical mix She usually performs with Cole El-Saleh on keyboards and Kevin Lance on drums

In February 2008, Wonderland released the CD "Miss Understood" on the Bismeaux Productions label,4 and the title song has been on the Top 50 of the 'Roots Music Report' chart since the album's release5 Fans of Wonderland's music include Bob Dylan,6 and Ray Benson, founder of Asleep At The Wheel Benson produced Miss Understood, and has been one of her songwriting collaborators Wonderland credits several blues and Texas musicians as influences on her music One notable influence is Austin singer/songwriter Terri Hendrix, as Wonderland covered two Hendrix songs, "I Found the Lions" and "Throw My Love", on Miss Understood

Carolyn Wonderland jamming at Antone's in Austin 2008

Wonderland has been involved in a number of recordings, including several that were self-produced on independent labels She was the lead singer fronting the band Imperial Monkeys Wonderland released Bloodless Revolution in 2008, and is the primary singer on the Jerry Lightfoot's Band of Wonder Texistentialism CD with Lightfoot and Vince Welnick Grateful Dead, Tubes7

Wonderland was a founding member of the Loose Affiliation of Saints and Sinners with Papa Mali, Eldridge Goins, Guy Forsyth, and others, with several of her songs being featured on their Sessions from the Hotel San Jose Rm 50 CD7 She was also the lead guitarist in the all-girl, southern rock band Sis DeVille other members include Shelley King, Sarah Brown, Lisa Pankratz, and Floramay Holliday, and a founding member of the Austin Volunteer Orchestra7

Wonderland appeared on Austin City Limits in 2008,8 and has had her music used on NBC's Homicide and Fox's Time of Your Life She was a headlining artist at the annual Rochester International Jazz Festival summer 2009 at the Eastman Theatre and New York In 2003, Wonderland opened the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, after performing there for the previous ten years, singing the National Anthem with 'The Imperial Monkeys'9

Wonderland also performs with the Imperial Golden Crown Harmonizers, raising money for local Austin charities, food banks, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and on behalf of the legalization of marijuana7

Personal lifeedit

Wonderland married writer-comedian A Whitney Brown on March 4, 2011, in a ceremony officiated by Michael Nesmith2


Wonderland has won the following awards:10

  • Best Blues Band - 1996 Public News Music Awards
  • Best Rock/Pop Album of the Year "Bursting With Flavor " and Local Musician of the Year and Best Female Vocalist - 1997 Houston Press Music Awards
  • Local Musician of the Year & song of the Year "Blue Lights" - 1998 Houston Press Music Awards
  • Best Blues Songwriter of the Year - 1999 Houston Press Music Awards
  • Gold Award - Flagstaff International Film Festival - Music Video Awards - Alan Ames &Assoc "Party on Houston" featured artist 'Carolyn Wonderland'when
  • Best Female Vocalist - 2000 Houston Press Music Awards
  • Best Blues Band - 2009 Austin Music Awards
  • Best Female Vocalist - 2009 Austin Music Awards
  • Best Female Vocalist - 2012 Austin Music Awards



Title Year Artist Name Label Producer
Groove Milk 1993 Carolyn Wonderland and the Imperial Monkeys Pulse/Monrose
Truckstop Favorites Vol 2 1994 Carolyn Wonderland and the Imperial Monkeys Pulse
Play with Matches 1995 Carolyn Wonderland and the Imperial Monkeys Big Mo Records
Blue Lights 1997 Carolyn Wonderland and Imperial Monkeys Justice Records
Bursting with Flavor 1997 Carolyn Wonderland and Imperial Monkeys Justice Records
Alcohol and Salvation 2001 Carolyn Wonderland Mix-O-Rama records Eldridge Goins
Bloodless Revolution 2003 Carolyn Wonderland Independent release Stephen Doster
Miss Understood 2008 Carolyn Wonderland Bismeaux Productions Ray Benson
Peace Meal 2011 Carolyn Wonderland Bismeaux Productions Ray Benson, Larry Campbell musician, Michael Nesmith
Live Texas Trio 2015 Carolyn Wonderland Bismeaux Productions Carolyn Wonderland
Moon Goes Missing 2017 Carolyn Wonderland Home Records


  • Drink the Rain 2001 indie with Rebecca Cole
  • Texistentialism 2001 Noah's Sky Music indie with Jerry Lightfoot's Band of Wonder, Vince Welnick
  • Sessions From the Hotel San Jose, Rm 50 2002 mix-o-rama with A Loose Affiliation of Saints and Sinners
  • Fireside Songs For the Soul 2010 licensed by Bismeaux Wonderland and Guy Forsyth

See alsoedit

  • Austin portal
  • Music of Austin


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External linksedit

  • Official website

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