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Carolina mantis

carolina mantis, carolina mantis egg case
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The Carolina mantis Stagmomantis carolina is a species of praying mantis of the subfamily Stagmomantinae

Sexual cannibalism occurs in roughly one quarter of all intersexual encounters of this species, though specimens of this species will engage in cannibalism regardless of age or gender if the opportunity presents itself2

Gray adult female in human hand

Carolina mantis oothecae can be purchased in garden supply centers as a means of biological control of pest insects It is the state insect of South Carolina


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Stagmomantis carolina is native to South America, Central America and North America1 Southern United States, Central-Southeastern USA, Buenos Aires1 Mexico,13 Panama, Trinidad, Venezuela,1 Suriname1 Belize, Costa Rica, Nicaragua,11 French Guyana, and Guatemala


Adult females are 47 to 60 millimeters in length while adult males are usually about 54 millimeters in length 1st instar nymphs are 7-12 millimeters in length When the nymphs eat more their abdomens get much longer The Carolina mantis has a dusty brown, gray, or green color useful as camouflage in certain environments The Carolina mantis' color varies because the nymphs are able to adjust their color to match the environment they are in at the time of molting They can adjust their color over each molt, if necessary, until they reach their final molt to adulthood An unusual trait is that its wings only extend three quarters of the way down the abdomen in mature females; this trait is also seen in Iris oratoria, which can be distinguished by the large eyespots on the hind wings inner-wings of both adult male and female Iris oratoria Both adult male and female Stagmomantis carolina have a dark coloured dot on each of their forewings outer-wings which may be partially hidden in a brown or dark colour morph individual


The species was first described in Centuria Insectorum 1763 as Gryllus carolina

  • Gryllus carolinus
  • Stagmomantis americana Taylor, 1862
  • Stagmomantis conspersa Burmeister, 1838
  • Stagmomantis conspurcata Serville, 1839
  • Stagmomantis cuticularis Serville, 1839
  • Stagmomantis dimidiata Burmeister, 18383
  • Stagmomantis ferox Saussure, 1859
  • Stagmomantis fuscata Weber, 1801
  • Stagmomantis inquinata Serville, 1839
  • Stagmomantis irrorata Johansson, 1763
  • Stagmomantis maculosa Chopard, 1912
  • Stagmomantis nordica Giglio-Tos, 1917
  • Stagmomantis polita Giglio-Tos, 1917
  • Stagmomantis simplex Giglio-Tos, 1917
  • Mantis stolli Saussure, 18693
  • Stagmomantis thoracica Rehn, 1911
  • Mantis wheelerii Thomas, 18751



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  • David Edwin Hill: Carolina Mantis Stagmomantis carolina feeding on tettigonid cricket — Video
  • Stagmomantis carolina at the Encyclopedia of Life

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