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Carl Sonnenschein

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Carl Sonnenschein July 15, 1876 - February 20, 1929 was a German writer and Catholic priest, the founder of the Catholic student movement in Germany

He was born in Düsseldorf and died in Berlin

The Catholic Fraternities in Germany KV created the annual Carl Sonnenschein prize to award outstanding scientific research in Germany

Literary works

  • Die sozialstudentische Bewegung, 1909
  • Notizen Weltstadtbetrachtungen, Berlin 1926 - 1928
  • Sonntagsevangelien Erklärungen, Berlin 1928


  • Alfred Kumpf: Ein Leben für die Großstadt, Leipzig 1980
  • Ernst Thrasolt: Carl Sonnenschein Der Mensch und sein Werk, 1930
  • Ernst Thrasolt: Dr Carl Sonnenschein Erinnerungen und Geschichtsversuche, 1929

External links

  • Carl Sonnenschein in the German National Library catalogue
  • Winners of the Carl Sonnenschein prize

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