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Cape golden mole

cape golden mole
Chrysochloris auratus Vosmaer, 1787
Chrysochloris aurea Pallas, 1778
Chrysochloris capensis Lacépède, 1799
Chrysochloris calviniae Shortridge, 1942
Chrysochloris concolor Shortridge & Carter, 1938
Chrysochloris damarensis Ogilby, 1838
Chrysochloris dixoni Broom, 1946
Chrysochloris elegans Broom, 1946
Chrysochloris minor Roberts, 1919
Chrysochloris namaquensis Broom, 1907
Chrysochloris rubra Lacépède, 1799
Chrysochloris shortridgei Broom, 1946
Chrysochloris taylori Broom, 1950
Chrysochloris tenuis Broom, 1907
Chrysochloris visserae Broom, 1950
Chrysochloris asiatica bayoni De Beaux, 1921
Talpa inaurata Pallas, 1777

The Cape golden mole Chrysochloris asiatica is a small, insectivorous mammal of the family Chrysochloridae, the golden moles It is native to certain south western regions of South Africa


  1. ^ Bronner, G 2008 "Chrysochloris asiatica" IUCN Red List of Threatened Species Version 2008 International Union for Conservation of Nature Retrieved 29 December 2008 

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  • Manyeleti Private Game Reserve - description of golden moles[permanent dead link]
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cape golden mole

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Cape golden mole

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