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Canyon tree frog

canyon tree frog, canyon tree frog tadpoles
Hyla copii Boulenger, 1887
Hyla affinis Baird, 1854
Hyliola digueti Mocquard, 1899
Hylarana fusca Baird, 1859

The canyon tree frog Hyla arenicolor is a species of tree frog native to the rocky plateau areas of southern United States, primarily in New Mexico and Arizona, but it also ranges to Utah, Texas, and Colorado, and as far south as the Mexican states of Michoacán, México, Guanajuato, Guerrero, and Oaxaca2


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Canyon tree frogs grow to 50–55 cm 20–22 in in length, and are typically brown, grey-brown, or grey-green in color, often with darker-colored blotching They can vary considerably, but usually match the soil or rock coloration of their native habitats to serve as camouflage Those from limestone habitats are lighter colored, and those from regions composed mostly of granite can even be pink in coloration Most have bright yellow in their groin regions, and faded banding on their legs


Canyon tree frogs are mostly nocturnal and carnivorous They are typically found in semiarid, rocky habitats near a permanent water source Breeding occurs during the spring rains, and large, floating egg masses of 100 or more eggs are laid on the water During periods of low rainfall, the frogs will take refuge in rock crevices


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