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Bulwell station

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Bulwell station, previously known as Bulwell Market station, is a railway station and tram stop in Bulwell, Nottingham, England It is located on the Robin Hood Line and the Hucknall branch of the Nottingham Express Transit NET


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Bulwell station opened on 2 October 1848, with the opening of the Midland Railway's line from Nottingham to Mansfield It was the first of several stations to serve Bulwell, including Bulwell Common, Bulwell Forest and Basford and Bulwell On 11 August 1952 it was renamed Bulwell Market, in order to distinguish it from the other Bulwell stations It was closed to passenger traffic, along with all the other stations on the line, in 1964, but the railway line itself was retained for goods traffic In 1993, this line was reopened by British Rail to passenger traffic as part of the new Robin Hood Line, and, on 24 May 1994, the station reopened under its original name, the other Bulwell stations having closed in the meantime12

In March 2004, the Nottingham Express Transit tram line opened on an alignment alongside the railway line The station used to have 2 rail platforms, but the down platform was removed to make way for the Nottingham Express Transit tram stop

The station used to have a PlusBus scheme where train and bus tickets could be bought together giving a saving on the cost of separate tickets However this was withdrawn due to low usage3 A Nottingham and Beeston Plusbus are still valid to Bulwell on buses and trams but cannot be bought for rail journeys starting/ending at Bulwellcitation needed



The railway has a single line and platform through the station, with the platform on the opposite side of the railway track from the tram stop A footbridge links the railway platform with the tram stop, town centre and bus station, crossing both railway and tram tracks To the south of the station, the line becomes double-track for the rest of its run towards Nottingham To the north, only a single track is used as far as Hucknall station

On Monday to Saturday there is generally an hourly daytime service southbound to Nottingham and northbound to Mansfield Woodhouse, with all services before 0900 and after 1730 continuing from Mansfield Woodhouse to Worksop Sundays see 8 calls each way, though all northbound trains terminate at Mansfield Woodhouse There is also one daily southbound service Mondays to Fridays from Mansfield Woodhouse that extends through to Peterborough & Norwich, however there is no return train4


The tram stop has an island platform, flanked by twin tram tracks To the south the twin tracks continue to Highbury Vale tram stop and beyond, but to the north the line becomes single track as far as Bulwell Forest tram stop

With the opening of NET's phase two, Bulwell is now on NET line 1, which runs from Hucknall through the city centre to Beeston and Chilwell Trams run at frequencies that vary between 4 and 8 trams per hour, depending on the day and time of day56


Preceding station   National Rail   Following station
Nottingham East Midlands Trains Robin Hood Line Hucknall
Preceding station   Nottingham Express Transit   Following station
Highbury Vale
towards Chilwell
  Line 1   Bulwell Forest
towards Hucknall



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