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Bulange boo-lah-ngeh, is a building in Uganda It houses the Lukiiko Parliament of the Kingdom of Buganda The Kabaka of Buganda and the Katikkiro Prime Minister of Buganda also maintain offices in the building The building serves as the administrative headquarters of the Buganda Kingdom


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Bulange is on Namirembe Hill close to Namirembe Hospital, about 1 mile 16 km northwest of the main gate of Mengo Palace in Kampala, Uganda's capital and largest city This is approximately 2 miles 32 km southwest of the city center of Kampala The coordinates of Bulange are 0°18'350"N, 32°33'300"E Latitude:0309722; Longitude:32558333 A straight road, approximately 1 mile 16 km long, called Kabaka Anjagala Road The-King-Loves-Me Road leads from the main entrance of the Mengo Palace to the entrance of Bulange


In the beginning, the Buganda Parliament convened inside one of the Kabaka's palaces and conducted business under the shade of one or more trees Later, grass-thatched buildings served as the parliament buildings Around the beginning of the 20th century, Prime Minister of Buganda, Apollo Kaggwa, contracted an Indian, Alidina Visram, to build a parliament building using bricks As the kingdom's government grew in size, the need for a large-enough meeting hall forced the construction of the Bulange outside the King's Palace for the first time

While in exile in Scotland in 1953, Ssekabaka Muteesa II saw and admired the construction drawings of a building He brought those drawings with him on his return from exile in 1955 He directed that the new Bulange be constructed according to those drawings Construction began in 1955 and was completed in 1958 at a cost of £5 million, fully funded by the Government of Buganda

See also

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  • Lubaga Division
  • Kampala Capital City Authority


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  • Photo of the Current Bulange at Cardcowcom
  • Background to the Construction of Bulange

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