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Broadmarsh also known as The Broadmarsh Centre, and rebranded in 2013 as Intu Broadmarsh, is a shopping centre in Nottingham, England, owned by Nottingham City Council Opening in 1975, the centre has 55 stores and a total retail floor space of 45,000 m² 484,000 ft²citation needed The shopping centre is attached to Broadmarsh bus station, one of Nottingham's two bus stations


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The shopping centre was built at the beginning of the 1970s, in an area that was historically boggy ground, on the outskirts of the medieval town hence the name It was once occupied by the Franciscan Friary known as "Greyfriars, Nottingham", which was dissolved in 15392 The area was heavily developed between the 16th and 20th centuries Despite its historic interest and much local opposition, all the buildings were demolished to accommodate the new shopping centrecitation needed

A former tannery within the caves under the shopping centre

During preparation of the site, many caves and cellars dug into the soft sandstone foundations of the city were rediscovered both ancient and more recent The caves were to be destroyed as part of the construction, however, activism from residents and historians allowed the caves to be preserved Some are now open to the public as part of the City of Caves museum beneath the shopping centrecitation needed

Cafe beside the centre entrance

The Centre, which opened to the public in 1975,3 was originally intended to be an Arndale Centre, and the associated parking structure – once voted the "ugliest building in Nottingham" – is still known as the Arndale Car Park The centre improved with a major cosmetic refurbishment in 19884


Nottingham City Council, owners of the leasehold on the centre, have been attempting to encourage development at Broadmarsh for "almost two decades"5 Their 2002 development brief6 called for a development that "respects the urban grain of the City Centre, with clear streets and urban blocks of buildings to provide for legibility, separate identity and future flexibility" with a clear north/south route linking Nottingham's Old Market Square and railway station, stating "This route must take the form of a pedestrianised public street"

In November 2002, plans to demolish the existing shopping centre, car park and the adjoining Broadmarsh bus station were approved7

In April 2007, a near identical plan to that proposed in 2002 was approved a three-year redevelopment plan was approved The scheme would also involve the demolition of much of the centre, the car park, and the adjoining bus station8 The redevelopment work, which had been planned to start in 2008, was estimated to cost £400 million and would have created 400 stores, 136,000 m2 of shopping space However it was not undertakencitation needed

In November 2011, it was announced that Capital Shopping Centres CSC, owners of the nearby Victoria Shopping Centre, had bought Westfield's stake in Broadmarsh910 The purchase prompted an investigation by the Office of Fair Trading and the Competition Commission, who were concerned the company's monopoly over the city's shopping centres could negatively impact competition11

In February 2013 CSC changed its name to Intu Properties plc12 The new owners wished to start an already planned development of the Victoria Centre, however, Nottingham City Council have insisted Broadmarsh must be their "priority"; the council offering £50 million towards its redevelopment13 The deputy leader of Nottingham City Council said the council would withhold planning permission for the development of the Victoria Centre until they "see bulldozers going into the Broadmarsh Centre"5

A new plan for a limited redevelopment of some of the centre received planning approval in June 201514 The plans include the retention of most of the fabric of the 70s mall and existing tenants including Boots, Wilko's and BrightHouse with some cosmetic updating A nine-screen cinema will appear at a remodelled south-eastern corner, along with new leisure and restaurant spaces Drury Walk will be rebuilt as "Bridlesmith Square" providing a new external area, outside the intu Broadmarsh centre, targeted at upmarket brands Counter to the 2002 Development Brief, the new walkway between the city centre and station will be within the existing enclosed shopping mall, under a new glass roof15


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