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British India Corporation

british india corporation ltd, british india corporation
Coordinates: 26°28′35″N 80°20′23″E / 26476393°N 80339617°E / 26476393; 80339617

British India Corporation
Type PSU
Industry Woollen Mills
Founded 1920
Headquarters 14/66, Civil Lines, Kanpur-208 001, INDIA
Number of employees 1,800
Website wwwlal-imlicom

British India Corporation Limited BIC is a Public Sector Undertaking PSU of the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India The company produces textiles for use by civilians and the Indian armed forces It manufactures the popular "Lal-imli" and "Dhariwal" brands of woollen products The company was established in 1920 by Sir Alexander MacRobert1 as a public limited company2 when he combined his six companies into one enterprise1 MacRobert died on 22 June 19223a and his widow, Lady Rachel Workman MacRobert, assumed the role of director5 until her eldest son, Alasdair, became chairman in 19376

In 1981, it was nationalised and taken over by the Government of India2 It has not generated profit since 19897

Headquartered in Kanpur, BIC nominally operates two woollen mills in Kanpur and Dhariwal Punjab In 2006 the company employed over 2,700 people and had aggregated revenues of ₹373 million US$58 million89

A view of Lal Imli factory

It ceased manufacturing in 2005 but still employs 1,800 people New weaving machines installed in 2005 have never been used7



  1. ^ Sir Alexander changed the spelling of his name from McRobert to MacRobert when he was awarded a baronetcy4


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