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Brierley Hill railway station

Brierley Hill railway station was a station on the Oxford-Worcester-Wolverhampton Line


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It was opened in 1858 British Rail closed the station pre-Beeching in 1962 Two railways/routes served the station - originally the Oxford, Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway and the South Staffordshire Railway, which later became the Great Western Railway and London, Midland and Scottish Railway through amalgamation of the London and North Western Railway respectively

Today's usageedit

The station's pedestrian entrance from Station Road is still in existence, though it has long been blocked off by a fence

Today, Goods trains still use the track where the station once stood, on their way to the nearby Round Oak Steel Terminal


In January 2012, plans were announced to run a passenger service between Stourbridge Junction and Brierley Hill, with stations being re-opened along the route, including Brierley Hill The service would be operated by railcars built by Parry People Movers, who built the Class139 units which run the Stourbridge Town service Another plan is for the entire line to re-open the South Staffs Line with passenger and freight trains between Stourbridge and Walsall2 In late 2015 plans emerged to re-open the Dudley Port railway station to Stourbridge line as the fact of trams serving on the same line as freight trains became extremely unlikely


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Midland Metro Line Two Proposed Merry Hill Extension
Joins existing Line One at Wednesbury
Tame Valley Canal
Golds Hill
Walsall Canal
Great Bridge
Horseley Road
Dudley Port
Birmingham New Main Line Canal under aqueduct
Sedgley Road
Birmingham Old Main Line Canal
Birmingham New Road
Tipton Road
Dudley Town Centre for Dudley Bus station
Flood Street
New Road
Parkhead Viaduct over Dudley Canal
Pedmore Road
Canal Street
Merry Hill
Brierley Hill
Brettell Lane
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  2. ^ "Stourbridge to Walsall train-tram plan is on the right lines" Stourbridge News 23 March 2011 Retrieved 31 March 2017 

Further readingedit

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  • Mitchell, Vic; Smith, Keith 2007 Stourbridge to Wolverhampton West Sussex: Middleton Press figs 16-19 ISBN 9781906008161 OCLC 261924375 

External linksedit

  • Rail Around Birmingham and the West Midlands: Brierley Hill railway station
Preceding station Disused railways Following station
Round Oak   Oxford, Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway
Later Great Western Railway, then British Rail
Oxford-Worcester-Wolverhampton 1852-1962
  Brettell Lane
Round Oak   South Staffordshire Railway
Later LNWR, then LMS, finally BR
South Staffs Line Dudley-Stourbridge Junction section 1852-1962
  Brettell Lane
Preceding station National Rail Following station
Round Oak To stabel spare stock   BR, then EWS
South Staffs Line Dudley-Stourbridge Junction section
  Brettell Lane

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