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Branković dynasty

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Branković Serbian pronunciation: brǎːnkɔv̞itɕ, Serbian: Бранковићи/Brankovići was a Serbian medieval noble family and dynasty According to genealogies created in the first half of the 15th century, the family descend via female line through marriage from the Nemanjić dynasty The family rose to prominence during the fall of the Serbian Empire The original family domains were centred on Kosovo Later family members extended their rule over all remaining unconquered regions of Serbia making them the last sovereign rulers of medieval Serbian state The dynasty ruled the Serbian Despotate from 1427 to 1459, and their descendants continued to claim the throne of Serbia well into the 16th century, having entered the ranks of the Hungarian aristocracy

Members of the family intermarried with other noble houses from neighbouring countries including Austrian and Hungarian nobility, and provided at least one wife to Ottoman Sultan

Some of the family members were:

  • Vuk Branković
  • Đurađ Branković 1427–1456
  • Lazar Branković 1456–1458
  • Stefan Branković 1458–1459
  • Jelena Branković, the last Queen of Bosnia


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Family treeedit

Main article: Branković family tree


  • Unknown
    • Nikola, Serb župan in Northern Albania1
    • Vojvoda Mladen, ruled Trebinje and Dračevica
    • Ratislava, daughter of Vojvoda Mladen, married Altoman Vojinović


  • Branko Mladenović, son of Vojvoda Mladen, ruled Ohrid
    • Nikola Radonja, the eldest son of Branko Mladenović who governed an estate in Serres region, married Jelena Mrnjavčević and later became a monk on Hilandar
    • Vuk Branković, Knez of Rascia-Kosovo, married Marija Lazarević
    • Đurađ Vuković Branković, Duke of Rascia 1427-1456 and Albania
        • Todor
        • Grgur, married Jelisaveta N
        • Vuk Grgurević, a Hungarian general, married Varvara Frangepan illegitimate
        • Stefan III "the Blind", Despot of Rascia 20 June 1458 - 8 April 1459, exiled from Serbia 1459, a saint of the Serbian church, married Angelina Araniti
        • Đorđe, titular Despot of Serbia Rascia, later took monastic vows under the name Maksim and became Metropolitan of Belgrade and Srem, died in 1516
        • Jelisaveta, married Alessio Span, Lord of Drivasto and Polog
        • Jovan Branković, Despot of Rascia, married Jelena Jakšić
        • Marija, married Ferdinand Frangepan
        • Jelena, married Peter IV Rares, Lord of Siebenbuergen and the Moldau
        • Hanna
        • Maria Magdalena
        • Marija, married Bonifacio III, Mongrave of Montferrat
        • Milica, married Neagoe Basarab, prince of Wallachia
        • Lazar II, Despot of Rascia 24 December 1456 - 20 June 1458, married Jelena Palaiologina
        • Jelena, married Stjepan Tomašević
        • Jerina, married Giovanni Castriota, Duca di San Pietro
        • Milica
        • Jelena
        • Mara, married Murad II, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire
        • Katarina, married Ulrich II, Count of Celje
    • Grgur
    • Lazar
    • Grgur Branković, Lord of Polog under Vukašin Mrnjavčević
    • Teodora, married Gjergj Thopia, Prince of Durazzo


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External linksedit

  • House of Brankovic, Marko Pistalo, No 3205, 2013
  • Holy line of the Brankovics by Željko Fajfrić

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