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Bodybuildingcom is an American online retailer based in Boise, Idaho, specializing in dietary supplements, sports supplements, and bodybuilding supplements It is one of the Internet's most-trafficked health and fitness websites, with over 1 million daily visitors2

Aside from its commercial responsibilities, Bodybuildingcom publishes daily editorial content, training plans, and streams live broadcasts of major bodybuilding competitions It also operates its own fitness-themed social network, BodySpace, with over 27 million active members3 The success of the website has led to a number of proprietary sports nutrition products and accessories being developed and sold under its name4

In September 2015, the CEO and founder Ryan DeLuca stepped down from his role, announcing he would be succeeded on an interim basis by Liberty Media CFO Chris Shean5


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Bodybuildingcom grew out of wholesale-creatinecom, an online storefront created by teenage web marketer and amateur bodybuilder Ryan DeLuca in 1997, to capitalize on the rising popularity of creatine supplements678 After two years of success, usually filling orders out of his garage, DeLuca purchased the domain Bodybuildingcom for $20,000, at age 219 The site went live on April 13, 1999 and within a year also launched teenbodybuildingcom While teenbodybuildingcom flourished with articles and writings by some of the most successful teen bodybuilders of the time like Layne Norton, Anthony Church, and others, it was eventually merged into the primary domain name, bodybuildingcom10

After years of rapid growth, a majority stake in Bodybuildingcom was acquired in July 2006 by Milestone Partners for an undisclosed amount11 That same year, Inc Magazine ranked DeLuca number five on its list "30 Under 30: America's Coolest Entrepreneurs"12 In January 2008, Liberty Media Corporation acquired a controlling stake in Bodybuildingcom for more than $100 million13 DeLuca stayed on as the company's CEO

Bodybuildingcom corporate headquarters, Boise, ID

As of 2014, Bodybuildingcom is a nine-time honoree on the Inc 5000 ranking of America's fastest-growing companies, with a reported revenue in 2013 of $420 million14 It has 785 employees working at 4 locations, including distribution centers in North Las Vegas, NV; New Berlin, WI; Shiremanstown, PA; and Bedfordshire, UK15 The corporate headquarters is also located in Boise, along with the company's customer service call center

In 2013, the company donated the equipment for Boise's first outdoor gym, located in Ann Morrison Park16

Misidentified drugsedit

In 2007, an FDA agent purchased several dietary supplements from the company which were determined to contain anabolic steroids In May 2012, Bodybuilding com was fined $7 million, and as part of the settlement, CEO DeLuca and his brother Jeremy were both fined $600,000 for selling misbranded drugs1718

Ryan Deluca Steps Downedit

In September 2015, Founder and CEO Ryan Deluca suddenly announced he would be stepping down from his position as CEO19

Vitalize, LLCedit

In December 2016 after a massive layoff,20 Bodybuildingcom reorganized to form 4 different companies/brands

Vitalize, LLC owns and operates multiple brands dedicated to health, fitness & nutrition Bodybuildingcom is both the leading e-commerce site and publisher for sports, fitness and nutritional supplements, with over 30 million fitness enthusiasts visiting each month Nourish + Bloom is a comprehensive lifestyle program offering premium wellness nutritional supplements for the ultra active achieving woman of today WeMotivate is an ad agency and content production studio with deep expertise and total focus on fitness and health Verity Brands is a food technology and manufacturing company focused on functional food and nutritional supplements

Richard Jalichandra acts as CEO of Vitalize, and also serve as Executive Chairman for Bodybuildingcom, Nourish + Bloom, WeMotivate and Verity Nutrition21

Contest broadcastsedit

Since 2007, Bodybuildingcom has streamed free online broadcasts of the world's two largest bodybuilding and fitness and figure competitions, Joe Weider's Olympia Weekend and Arnold Schwarzenegger's Arnold Classic, now known as the Arnold Sports Festival22 At the Olympia Weekend, the events broadcast include the Mr Olympia and Ms Olympia competitions, as well as the 212 Olympia Showdown, Fitness Olympia, Figure Olympia, and since 2013, the Men's Physique Showdown and Women's Physique Showdown At the Arnold Sports Festival, broadcasts cover the Arnold Classic bodybuilding competition and, since 2014, the Arnold Classic 212 for men, and the Ms International, Fitness International, and Figure International, and Bikini International for women

Bodybuildingcom's commentators at these events include former and current physique competitors and analysts such as Dave Farra, Larry Pepe, Bob Cicherillo, Dan Solomon, Lou Ferrigno, Ronnie Coleman, Nicole Wilkins-Lee, and Layne Norton, among others In addition to analysis and play-by-play, the broadcasts include interviews with current and former competitors and a Webcast Fan's Choice Award


Bodybuildingcom operates one of the Internet's most-trafficked forums, with over 7 million members contributing well over 100 million posts to date23

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Bodybuildingcom is an American online retailer based in Boise, Idaho, specializing in dietary supple...