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BlankOn Linux is a Linux distribution based on Debian developed by Yayasan Penggerak Linux Indonesia YPLI


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The goals of BlankOn Linux are to provide a suitable operating system for common PC users in Indonesia, especially in the academic, small/medium enterprise, and government sectors2 Since BlankOn 20, it has had multimedia support such as MP3, VCD, and DVD, with Indonesian themes and graphics BlankOn development is open with release frequency of once or twice per year

Name Originsedit

The name BlankOn originally came from blangkon an ethnic Indonesian headdress, especially common among the Javanese Central Java, Yogyakarta, and East Java, Sundanese West Java and Banten, Maduranese, and Balinese

BlankOn means also blank binary number 0 and on binary number 1 or digital hat modern with ancient classic appearance

Another meaning of the name could be said to be the transformation from "blank" to "on"3


The BlankOn developers hope that every BlankOn user can be transformed from "blank" to "filled", to have knowledge that Linux can be used to increase the skills, dignity, and autonomy of the Indonesian people

BlankOn is intended to be a motivator for the Indonesian people to use and develop Linux and other FLOSS BlankOn also means a crash helmet to software proprietary dependency4


Compiz on BlankOn Lontara

BlankOn 10edit

Code Name : Bianglala

BlankOn 20edit

Code Name : Konde - Released 15 November 2007

BlankOn 30edit

Code Name : Lontara - Released 27 April 2008

BlankOn 40edit

Code Name : Meuligoe - Released 15 November 2008

BlankOn 50edit

Code Name : Nanggar - Released 16 June 2009

BlankOn 60edit

Code Name : Ombilin - Released 5 July 2010

BlankOn 70edit

Code Name : Pattimura - Released 17 August 2011

BlankOn 80edit

Code Name : Rote - Released 5 Maret 2012

BlankOn 90edit

Code Name : Suroboyo - Released 15 February 2014

BlankOn 100edit

Code Name : Tambora - Released 5 January 2017


OpenOffice on BlankOn Lontara BlankOn Lontara with Firefox shows the old BlankOn website

After the launching of BlankOn version 10 based on Fedora Core, YPLI and Komunitas Ubuntu Indonesia developed BlankOn version 20 code name: "Konde" based on Ubuntu

BlankOn Linux version 10 and version 20 are sponsored by UNESCO and several other institutions5


Yayasan Penggerak Linux Indonesia YPLI is an organization that develops Linux software and brainware in Indonesia


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External linksedit

  • BlankOn at DistroWatch
  • Indonesian BlankOn Linux official website
  • Indonesian Blankon Linux Wiki
  • Indonesian Halaman Dokumentasi Blankon Linux
  • Indonesian Ubuntu Indonesia official website
  • Blankon Linux Project Information

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