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BLAG Linux and GNU

blag linux and gnula, blag linux and gnudi
BLAG Linux and GNU is a Linux distribution made by the Brixton Linux Action Group3

BLAG is a single-CD distro with applications desktop users "expect" from a desktop including multimedia, graphics, desktop internet applications and more BLAG also includes a collection of server packages BLAG is based on Fedora plus updates, adds apps from Dag, Dries, Freshrpms, NewRPMS, and includes custom packages45

BLAG is one of the few operating systems listed as a completely free software distribution by the Free Software Foundation6


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The first public release of BLAG was 22 October 2002 The latest stable release, BLAG 140k, is based on Fedora 14, and was released on 4 May 2011 In October 2014 Blag 200000 was released in alpha form7

As of May 2016 Distrowatch still listed BLAG as "active", although the developer roadmap was a blank page8 9 Planning for BLAG 240000 had commenced in January 201610

The script used in BLAG for cleaning the kernel from non-free blobs shipped in it by default was used as a base for the Linux-libre set of scripts11

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  • Official website
  • BLAG Linux and GNU at DistroWatch

blag linux and gnucash, blag linux and gnudi, blag linux and gnula, blag linux and gnuplot

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