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Bioinformatics Resource Centers

bioinformatics resource centers for low income, bioinformatics resource centers in communities
The Bioinformatics Resource Centers BRCs are a group of five Internet-based research centers established in 2004 and funded by NIAID the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases The BRCs were formed in response to the threats posed by emerging and re-emerging pathogens, particularly Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC Category A, B, and C pathogens, and their potential use in bioterrorism The intention of NIAID in funding these bioinformatics centers is to assist researchers involved in the experimental characterization of such pathogens and the formation of drugs, vaccines, or diagnostic tools to combat them

The main goals of the BRCs are as follows:

1 To create comprehensive databases of reliable, up-to-date bioinformatic data genetic, proteomic, biochemical, or microbiological related to the pathogens of interest;
2 To provide researchers with easy access to this data through Internet-based search and data retrieval user interfaces;
3 To provide researchers with relevant, state-of-the art computational tools for bioinformatic analysis of these data

The five BRCs are supported by various institutions, both publicly and privately owned, throughout the USA and Canada Each BRC focuses on a different group of pathogens The Pathogen Portal serves as a common repository and provides summary information about and links into the BRCs

Bioinformatics Resource Centers
Name Acrono name Contributing organizations Number of organisms covered Organisms covered CDC Category
Eukaryotic Pathogen Database Resources EuPathDB University of Pennsylvania

University of Georgia

45 in 13 genera Crithidia Other

Cryptosporidium B
Encephalitozoon Group I
Entamoeba B
Enterocytozoon Group I
Giardia B
Leishmania Other
Neospora Other
Plasmodium Other
Theileria Other
Toxoplasma B
Trichomonas Other
Trypanosoma Other

Influenza Research Database IRD Northrop Grumman Information Technology

J Craig Venter Institute
Vecna Technologies

1 Influenza Virus flu C
PathoSystems Resource Integration Center PATRIC Virginia Bioinformatics Institute

University of Chicago
National Centre for Text Mining

22 genera Bacillus A

Bartonella Group I
Borrelia Group I
Brucella B
Burkholderia B
Campylobacter B
Chlamydophila B
Clostridium A
Coxiella B
Ehrlichia Group I
Escherichia B
Francisella A
Helicobacter Group I
Lysteria B
Mycobacterium C
Rickettsia B, C
Salmonella B
Shigella B
Staphylococcus B
Vibrio B
Yersinia A, B
Other Bacteria

Virus Pathogen Database and Analysis Resource ViPR Northrop Grumman Information Technology

J Craig Venter Institute
Vecna Technologies

13 families Arenaviridae A

Bunyaviridae A
Filoviridae A
Flaviviridae A
Poxviridae A
Caliciviridae B
Togaviridae B
Hepatitis A virus B
Coronaviridae C
Paramyxoviridae C
Lyssavirus C
Hepatitis E

VectorBase VB University of Notre Dame

European Bioinformatics Institute
Imperial College London

30 Anopheles gambiae Other

Anopheles species x16 Other
Aedes aegypti Other
Biomphalaria glabrata Other
Culex quinquefasciatus Other
Glossina species x5 Other
Ixodes scapularis Other
Lutzomyia longipalpis Other
Musca domestica Other
Pediculus humanus Other
Phlebotomus papatasi Other

Pathogen Portal none Virginia Bioinformatics Institute Data for 13 species:

Gene expression, proteomics

Vaccinia Other

Variola A
Monkeypox A
Coronavirus C
Brucella abortus B
Bacillus anthracis A
Salmonella typhimurium B
Yersinia pestis A
Vibrio cholerae B
Cryptosporidium parvum B
Toxoplasma gondii B
Homo sapiens Other
Mus musculus Other

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  • Categories of biological agents


  1. ^ Overview, Bioinformatics Resource Centers Archived May 15, 2008, at the Wayback Machine, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases NIAID, January 10, 2008
  2. ^ CDC Bioterrorism Agents and Diseases By Category Archived 2014-07-22 at the Wayback Machine, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Department of Health and Human Services, accessed July 8, 2008

External links

  • NIAID home page
  • Bioinformatics Resource Centers The NIAID page describing the goals and activities of the BRCs
  • PathogenPortal Hub site for the BRCs; provides summary information
  • EuPathDB Eukaryotic Pathogens BRC
  • IRD Influenza Research Database BRC
  • ViPR Virus Database and Analysis Resource BRC
  • PATRIC PathoSystems Resource Integration Center
  • VectorBase VectorBase BRC

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