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Binu Sasidharan

binu sasidharan nair, binu sasidharan taravath
Binu S born November 17, 1976 is an Indian film maker known for his work in the Malayalam Film industry He made his debut feature film Once Upon a Time 2013 film which is being touted as Malayalam’s first full-length animated feature film Binu, has previously directed on an animated version of film CID Moosa CID Moosa 007 for home video and more recently he was the maker of Malayalam’s first animated stereoscopic 3D video film for home theaters named Kuttichathan


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Early life

Binu was born in Desam, Aluva in Eranakulam Dist, Kerala He completed his post graduation in commerce from Sree Sankara College, Kalady 1999


In 1999 after his studies, Binu started his career as a freelance designer and animator In 2002 for a short term he also worked as a Guest tutor web, at Union Christian College, Aluva In 2004 he joined USA based MNC as Graphic Designer and later in the year 2005 he started own animation studio Wireframe animation in his own home town and at the same time started working as independent Creative consultant In his short career of around 14 years he has worked for various Films, Advertising and Television

See also

  • Indian animation industry


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