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Bingham, Nottinghamshire

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Bingham is a market town in the Rushcliffe borough of Nottinghamshire, England Situated nine miles 145 km east of Nottingham and 117 miles 188 km south-west of Newark-on-Trent, the town had a population of 9,131 at the 2011 UK census up from 8,655 in 2001 In November 2013 it was named the best town in England and Wales to raise a family1


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Bingham lies near the junction of the A46 the old Fosse Way and the A52, about nine miles 14 km east of Nottingham and similar distances south-west of Newark-on-Trent and west of Grantham Neighbouring communities are Radcliffe-on-Trent, East Bridgford, Car Colston, Scarrington, Aslockton, Whatton in the Vale, Tithby and Cropwell Butler There is a market in the central Market Place every Thursday, and a farmers' market there on the third Saturday of the month


The place-name Bingham seems to contain an Old English personal name, Bynna, + ingahām Old English, The village of the people of  ; the village of the people called after so probably, 'homestead/village of Bynna's people'2


The Romans built a fortress at Margidunum Bingham and a settlement at the river crossing at Ad Pontem East Stoke on the Fosse Way that joined Isca Exeter to Lindum Lincoln3 The south-east of Nottinghamshire later formed the wapentake of Bingham Bingham acquired a market charter in 1341

Dormitory townedit

Eastern end of A52 bypass, which opened in December 1986

Bingham has expanded vastly since the 1950s, and much of the housing is relatively new Most of the older buildings including the Church of St Mary and All Saints, Bingham, the oldest are in the centre

About 500 houses are being built bordering the A52 Grantham Road and the existing Mill Hill estate There have been concerns that the 1000+ people who will move into these new houses will require more and improved services, which the local councils are so far proving reluctant to provide, despite the large sums gained for the Exchequer from the sale of the land in public ownership Another 1000 houses are planned as part of future Bingham, north of the railway line4

The A46, to the west of the town, was upgraded and completed in 2013 as a grade-separated dual carriageway The Widmerpool-Newark Improvement has been diverted to the west of the former Roman town to preserve archaeological remains The A52 bypass to the south of the town opened in December 1986


There are four schools in Bingham: Robert Miles Infant school, Robert Miles Junior School,5 Carnarvon Primary School6 and the comprehensive Toot Hill School7


The Anglican parish Church of St Mary and All Saints, Bingham, occupies a Grade I listed medieval building restored in 1845–46 and again in 1912 It has a peel of eight bells and a 19th-century organ It belongs to the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham The new building of Bingham Methodist Church opened on 1 April 2016 at Eaton Place8 It belongs to the Grantham and Vale of Belvoir Circuit9


Although Bingham is largely a dormitory town for Nottingham, it also has a number of thriving businesses and a busy centre The town has a shop vacancy rate of just 2% against an East Midlands average of 16%10 There are 20 takeaways and places to eat, 11 hairdressers/salons, 5 estate agents and 39 other retail outlets Bingham also provides shopping, medical and other services to those in the surrounding villages Planning permission has been obtained to build a large supermarket near the town centre, but construction has not yet commenced In March 2015 planning permission was granted for two other chain supermarkets11

To the north of the town is an industrial estate with about 40 businesses The largest include GWIBS 24/7, a privately owned company employing over 50 people in mechanical, electrical and IT services Others include Focus Label Machinery, Trent Designs, XACT Document Solutions, the Workplace Depot manufacturing mobile safety steps, trucks and trolleys, and Water at Work In 2012, The Workplace Depot12 won a Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice Bingham has a Business Club13

In November 2013 Bingham was named by Family Investments as the best town in England and Wales in which to bring up a family1 The report cited factors such as excellent schools, childcare provision, low crime and affordable housing

Film and TV locationsedit

Bingham was a location in Midlands film director Shane Meadows' film Twenty Four Seven, which contained scenes shot at Toot Hill top field, The Linear Walk and Bingham Boxing Club Bingham has also been in two episodes of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet,14 as well as some episodes of Crossroads, Woof! and Boon

Robot Wars series 3, Jungle Run and scenes from Shane Meadows' 2006 film This is England were filmed nearby on the former RAF Newton site

Dickinson's Real Deal was filmed at the Bingham Leisure centre in 2015 and broadcast on TV on ITV1 in March 2016

Notable peopleedit

In birth order:

  • Thomas Foster fl 1820s, first-class cricketer with Nottingham Cricket Club 1827–28, was reportedly born in Bingham
  • Robert Lowe, first Viscount Sherbrooke 1811–1892, was a statesman born in Bingham into the family of the Rector of the parish
  • Thomas Brown 1848–1919, first-class cricketer Nottinghamshire, was born in Bingham
  • Philip Miles 1848–1933, first-class cricketer Nottinghamshire, was born in Bingham
  • John Brown born 1862, first-class cricketer Nottinghamshire was born in Bingham
  • Albert Widdowson 1864–1938, first-class cricketer Derbyshire
  • Harry Churchill Beet 1873–1946, awarded a Victoria Cross for valour at Wakkerstroom, South Africa, in the Second Boer War on 22 April 1900, was born at Brackendale Farm near Bingham15
  • Stafford Castledine 1912–1986, first-class cricketer Nottinghamshire, was born in Bingham16
  • Mary Joynson 1924–2013, director of Barnardo's from 1973 to 1984, was born in Bingham
  • Spencer Cozens born 1965 is a Bingham-born musician, writer and producer17

Leisure and sportsedit

Bingham Leisure Centre has sports facilities and a swimming pool The facilities are attached to Toot Hill School

The Crown

There used to be six pubs in the town, of which four remain as such: the White Lion, the Butter Cross Wetherspoons formerly The Crown, the Chesterfield at Bingham, and the Horse and Plough The Moot House has been redeveloped, and the former Bingham has reopened as a pub-restaurant and has been renamed the Wheatsheaf

Bingham has Scout troops totalling around 140 young people 1st Bingham Scouts includes Beavers and Cubs18

The town's sports clubs are:

  • British Canoe Union
  • Bingham Town Youth Football Club19
  • Bingham Cricket Club20
  • Bingham Rugby Club
  • Bingham Lawn Tennis Club
  • Bingham Leisure Centre Archery Club21
  • Bingham Sub-Aqua Club22
  • Bingham Penguins - Swimming Club
  • Vale of Belvoir Cycling Club
  • Vale Judo Club

Wallenfels in Bavaria, Germany Music groups have visited to and from the twin towns, and a beer festival is held in Bingham every year


Railway station

Trent Barton provides a frequent public bus service into Nottingham23 Bingham's railway station provides a less frequent service to and beyond Nottingham and Grantham

Bus servicesedit


  • 6: Bingham – Grantham
  • 24: Bingham – Melton Mowbray
  • 54: Bingham – Newark

Trent Barton

  • Rushcliffe Main Line: Bingham – Radcliffe – West Bridgford – Nottingham fastest Bingham–Nottingham route
  • Rushcliffe villager 1: Bingham – East Bridgford – Radcliffe – West Bridgford – Nottingham
  • Rushcliffe villager 2: Bingham – Whatton – Barnstone – Cropwell Bishop – Cotgrave – Gamston – West Bridgford – Nottingham

Signpost galleryedit


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External linksedit

  • Detailed history of Bingham
  • Bingham Town Council
  • Rushcliffe Borough Council
  • This is Bingham
  • Bingham at the Nottinghamshire Heritage Gateway

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