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William Cary "Bill" Zucker October 7, 1955 – September 19, 2016 was an American actor, comedian, writer, performer and musician He was a classically trained musician and could play Guitar acoustic and electric, Pianos, Synthesizers and Strings, Drums and Percussion, Violin, Harmonica, Bass and other assorted stringed instruments


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Early life

William Bill Carey Zucker was born in Springfield in Massachusetts From the age of nine, he began performing piano recitals in public, and soon started to score his own compositions and greatly impressed his tutors, school peers and his supportive parents By age eleven, he had formed a garage band called "The Divided Line," in which he played the drums He would jam regularly with the band until the age of fifteen, when he picked up his first guitar and wrote a song called "Show Me," about a break-up with his childhood sweetheart

The acoustic guitar was perfect for Zucker, and all throughout high school, he would perform in local concerts and events He became very confident and began to sing in public, testing out different songs he had written

After high school, Zucker was accepted into the Berklee College of Music where he received classical training After graduating from Berklee, he moved to Seattle for 3 years, so that he could attend Western Washington University While there, he hosted his own campus radio show Following Western, Zucker became the front man for a country-rock band called "Colraine" and toured across America Once the tour was over, he ended up in Hollywood California


In Hollywood, Zucker teamed up with musician friend Ron Fair to write songs for Paramount Music

Zucker then landed a job at NBC Studios and joined the production staff of The Steve Allen Comedy Hour, a premier late night TV show and worked with Steve Allen himself, Tom Leopold and Catherine O'Hara He then joined the writing team at the Barbara Mandrell Show

Next Zucker formed the touring band "Cruise Control" that later evolved into "BZB" The Bill Zucker Band The BZB featured a confident Zucker on lead vocals and he would alternate between playing the guitar, drums, harmonica, fiddle and keyboard/synthesizer Zucker wrote over 300 original songs for the "BZB”


In early 2000 Zucker secured a new record deal and moved to Philadelphia to record a 12-song CD entitled Millennium, but the album's arrival could not save the record label from shutting down As a result, Millennium never received any of the global distribution that Zucker was promised Undeterred he moved back to the warm tropical breezes of Miami Florida and finally released the album independently Millennium was welcomed positively by fans and critics alike

Zucker went on to record two albums, Stranded and Every Window, that he also independently released through his website

Not content with just making music, Zucker showed an entrepreneurial streak when he moved to Miami in Florida, and set-up several businesses and the most significant was a nightclub called Z Street that he opened Z Street became a top venue in Miami for celebrities to hang out at Zucker himself would regularly jam with the numerous bands, artists and musicians that were booked to perform there Zucker also owned a Limousine company

International spotlight

By 2009 Zucker had heavily invested in real estate and on the stock market, but saw that wiped out overnight in the financial crash This turn of unfortunate events, prompted him to compose and record The TARP Song at Audacity Studios in Florida

The TARP Song became both a powerful political parody and an online phenomenon within 24 hours of its release on YouTube This world-famous video parody of the US government's bailout, was shown on CNBC, FOX, VH1, MSNBC and other international TV networks, blogs and websites It catapulted Zucker into the global media spotlight and made him a household name in the US

Neil Cavuto on Fox News commented:

"The Tarp Song says in 3 minutes what every American is feeling and the song immortalizes the TARP forever"

Swayed by his high-profile public image, Zucker again used his ability to tap into the mainstream and popular culture, when he wrote and produced “The Twitter Song” Just as with The Tarp Song, he played all the musical instruments, sang all the vocals and scripted and produced the accompanying music video Zucker had another viral hit song on his hands

In "The Twitter Song" video Zucker parodied Twitter, Facebook and MySpace addiction, and this funny and witty video caught the attention of "Twitter King" Ashton Kutcher, who immediately notified his 4 million followers of the video's release and started a poll on his Twitter profile asking followers if they related to the song The video included cameos by Scott Baio and actress Lydia Cornell, a SWAT team, emergency paramedics and numerous contributions from Zucker's Twitter fans, who taped themselves singing the chorus of the "Twitter Song"

Zucker's efforts were duly recognised and rewarded by the online industry itself, when he became the recipient of a YouTube award for having the funniest comedy video in 2009

Comedy and performance

Zucker wrote the first installment of The Kelsey Grammer Bill Zucker Comedy Hour that featured skits and rude jokes and captured the "Benny Hill" humor of Zucker and the dry neurotic wit and effervescent charm of Grammer The first 3 episodes were broadcast on Kelseylivecom in early 2010 and new episodes are currently in production

Zucker has written, directed and appeared in numerous skits and sketches with famous celebrities He worked with the legendary heart-throb and model Fabio Lanzoni in Bill Zuckers Masterclass, in which Fabio seemed to have lost his magical touch and needed a pep talk so that he could pick up Nicole Steinwedell

That was followed with A Day with the Simmons family in which Zucker spent the day at the family home of KISS musician Gene Simmons and his partner Shannon Tweed

Next Zucker flew out to Hawaii to film with Dog the Bounty Hunter and his family in a skit called Dog the TP Hunter tracks down Bill Zucker

In 2010 Zucker hosted the Beverly Hills TV and Film Festival and interviewed actress Joan Collins on camera for the show Zucker also presented both Sharon Stone and Paul Sorvino with their lifetime achievement awards The following year Zucker hosted the Beverly Hills TV and Film Festival 2011, and presented Morgan Fairchield with a lifetime achievement award

In 2011 Zucker went back into the studio to record some fresh music He released music videos for some of his new songs: The Answer, Summer Girl, Friends, and Shannon, – the latter being a wedding present to his friends Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed He then recorded Rock and Roll Hair which featured Kelsey Grammer and Scott Baio


In early 2012 Zucker moved to Hollywood from Miami, to concentrate on filming new television and film projects

Also in 2012 Zucker released a new studio album called Half the Man EP The video for the title track Half The Man starred the actress, presenter and playboy model, Jenny McCarthy as his love interest This was Jenny McCarthy's first music video "Half The Man" which has since gone viral, is becoming a huge hit worldwide

Jenny McCarthy also appeared in another Bill Zucker video briefly as a woman who admits she is stalking Bill Zucker, along with Marla Maples and Gena Lee Nolin as the girl who waited 2 hours under BZ's bed

Zucker also formed a new "The Bill Zucker Band" and went back into the studio to record live versions of some of his most popular tracks Summer Girl, Stranded and Half The Man He was also preparing to go on tour with the band

Bill had been working with many celebrities as well as reforming the "BZB" The Bill Zucker Band Bill Zucker appeared on an episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Beverly Hills Pawn and others


Bill Zucker's last television appearance was as a guest on The John Kerwin Show Bill appeared in an episode of Beverly Hills Pawn, followed by a role in the movie "Beverly Hills Christmas" starring Dean Cain Zucker's last film was a movie called "The Green Fairy" On September 19, 2016 Bill was found dead in his Hollywood apartment in the early morning hours from a heart attack He was 60 years old


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