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Bibliography of North Dakota history

bibliography of north dakota history book, bibliography of north dakota history books
The following works deal with the cultural, political, economic, military, biographical and geologic history of pre-territorial North Dakota, Dakota Territory and the State of North Dakota


  • 1 Surveys of North Dakota history
  • 2 Historic expeditions
  • 3 Business, industry and labor
  • 4 Native American histories
  • 5 Military histories
  • 6 Local and regional histories
    • 61 Ghost towns
  • 7 Natural histories
  • 8 Biographies
    • 81 Memoirs, diaries and journals
  • 9 Political histories
  • 10 Social history
  • 11 Geology
  • 12 Journals
  • 13 Bibliographies
  • 14 See also
  • 15 Notes

Surveys of North Dakota historyedit

  • Compendium history and biography of North Dakota; a history of early settlement, political history, and biography; reminiscences of pioneer life PDF Chicago: Geo A Ogle 1900 
  • Crawford, Lewis F 1931 History of North Dakota 3 volumes Chicago, IL: The American Historical Society 
  • Lamar, Howard R 1956 Dakota Territory, 1861–1889: A Study of Frontier Politics New Haven, CT: Yale University Press 
  • Lounsberry, Clement 1919 Early History of North Dakota, Essential Outlines of American History PDF Washington DC: Liberty Press 
  • Lysengen, Janet Daley; Rathke, Ann M, eds 1996 The Centennial Anthology of North Dakota History: Journal of the Northern Plains State Historical Society of North Dakota ISBN 5-555-55489-3 
  • Peirce, Neal R 1973 "North Dakota" The Great Plains States of America: People, Politics, and Power in the Nine Great Plains States W W Norton & Company ISBN 0-393-34274-3 
  • Robinson, Elwyn B; D Jerome Tweton; David B Danbom History of North Dakota Fargo, ND: North Dakota State University Institute for Regional Studies ISBN 0-911042-43-1 
  • Tweton, D Jerome; Jelliff, Theodore B 1976 North Dakota: The Heritage of a People North Dakota State University ISBN 0-911042-19-9 
  • Wilkins, Robert P; Wilkins, Wynona Hutchette 1977 North Dakota: A Bicentennial History WW Norton & Co ISBN 0-393-05655-4 
  • Wishart, David J, ed 2004 Encyclopedia of the Great Plains University of Nebraska Press ISBN 0-8032-4787-7 
  • Federal Writers Project 1972 North Dakota: A Guide to the Northern Prairie State Oxford University Press ISBN 0-403-02183-9 

Historic expeditionsedit

  • Bray, Edmund C; Bray, Martha Coleman 1993 Joseph N Nicollet on the Plains and Prairies: The Expeditions of 1838–39 With Journals, Letters, and Notes on the Dakota Indians Minnesota Historical Society Press ISBN 0-87351-290-1 
  • Jenkinson, Clay S 2002 A Lewis and Clark Chapbook; Lewis and Clark in North Dakota Bismarck, ND: The North Dakota Humanities Council ISBN 0-9654579-4-X 
  • Laut, Agnes C 1926 The Blazed Trail of the Old Frontier, Being the Log of the Upper Missouri Historical Expedition under the Auspices of the Governors & Historical Associations of Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Montana for 1925 New York: Robert M McBride and Company 

Business, industry and laboredit

  • Drache, Hiram M 1964 The Day of the Bonanza; a History of Bonanza Farming in the Red River Valley of the North Fargo, ND: North Dakota Institute for Regional Studies 
  • Hargreaves, Mary W M 1993 Dry Farming in the Northern Great Plains: Years of Readjustment, 1920–1990 University Press of Kansas ISBN 0-7006-0553-3 
  • Junker, Rozanne Enerson 1989 The Bank of North Dakota: An Experiment in State Ownership Santa Barbara, CA: Fiftian Press ISBN 0-931832-29-2 
  • Tauxe, Caroline S 1993 Farms, Mines and Main Streets: Uneven Development in a Dakota County Temple University Press ISBN 1-56639-070-2 

Native American historiesedit

  • Heard, Issac V D 1865 History of the Sioux War and massacres of 1862 and 1863 PDF New York: Harper and Brothers 
  • Schneider, Mary Jane 1986 North Dakota Indians: An Introduction Kendall Hunt Pub Co ISBN 0-8403-9615-5 

Military historiesedit

  • Cooper, Jerry; Smith, Glen 2005 Citizens as Soldiers: A History of the North Dakota National Guard Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press ISBN 0-8032-6449-6 

Local and regional historiesedit

  • History of North Dakota's first industrial exposition held at Bismarck, North Dakota, September 24th to October 15th PDF Bismarck Tribune 1911 
  • History of the Red River Valley: past and present, including an account of the counties, cities, towns, and villages of the Valley from the time of their first settlement and formation Volume 1 PDF Chicago: C F Cooper 1909 
    • Volume 2
  • Arnold, Henry Vernon 1921 Forty years in North Dakota in relation to Grand Forks County PDF Latimore, ND: HV Arnold 
  • Danbom, David B 2005 Going It Alone: Fargo Grapples with the Great Depression Minnesota Historical Society Press ISBN 0-87351-546-3 
  • Danbom, David B 1990 Our Purpose Is to Serve: The First Century of the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station Fargo, ND: North Dakota State University ISBN 0-911042-38-5 
  • Eisenberg, C G 1982 History of the First Dakota-District of the Evangelical-Lutheran Synod of Iowa and Other States University Press of America ISBN 0-8191-2798-1 
  • Gieger, Louis G 1958 University Of The Northern Plains: A History Of The University Of North Dakota, 1883–1958 Grand Forks, ND: University of North Dakota Press 
  • Hudson, John C 1985 Plains Country Towns University of Minnesota Press ISBN 0-8166-1348-6 
  • Snortland, J Signe, ed 1996 A Traveler's Companion to North Dakota State Historic Sites State Historical Society of North Dakota ISBN 1-891419-23-4 
  • Stock, Catherine McNicol 1992 Main Street in Crisis: The Great Depression and the Old Middle Class on the Northern Plains University of North Carolina Press ISBN 0-8078-2011-3 
  • Trinka, Zina Irma 1920 Out Where the West Begins: Being the Early and Romantic History of North Dakota St Paul, MN: The Pioneer Company 
  • Young, Carrie 1993 Prairie Cooks: Glorified Rice, Three-Day Buns, and Other Reminiscences Harper Collins ISBN 978-0-06-092776-9 

Ghost townsedit

  • Brouald, Ken C 1999 Silent Towns on the Prairie : North Dakota's Disappearing Towns and Farms Pictorial Histories Publishing Co ISBN 1-57510-048-7 

Natural historiesedit

  • Fred B Samson; Fritz L Knopf eds Prairie Conservation: Preserving North America's Most Endangered Ecosystem Island Press ISBN 1-55963-428-6 
  • Young, Robert T 1924 The life of Devils Lake, North Dakota PDF North Dakota Biological Station 


  • Life of Thomas Hawley Canfield; his early efforts to open a route for the transportation of the products of the West to New England, by way of the Great Lakes, St Lawrence River, and Vermont railroads, and his connection with the early history of the Northern Pacific Railroad, from the history of the Red River Valley, North Dakota and park region of northwestern Minnesota PDF Burlington, VT 1889 
  • Blackorby, Edward C 1963 Prairie Rebel: The Public Life of William Lemke Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press 
  • Collins, Michael L 1989 That Damned Cowboy: Theodore Roosevelt and the American West, 1883–1898 Peter Lang Publishers ISBN 0-8204-1004-7 
  • Smith, Glen H 1979 Langer of North Dakota: A Study in Isolationism, 1940–1959 New York: Garland Publishers 

Memoirs, diaries and journalsedit

  • Carver, Jonathan 1802 Three years travels throughout the interior parts of North America, for more than five thousand miles, containing an account of the Great lakes, and all the lakes, islands, and riversof the north west regions of that vast continent Together with a concise history of the genius, manners, and customs of the Indians inhabiting the lands adjacent to the heads and to the westward of the great river Mississippi: and an appendix, describing the uncultivated parts of America, that are the most proper for forming settlements Boston: Samuel Etheridge for West and Greenleaf 
  • Wied, Maximilian Travels in the Interior of North America in the years 1832 to 1834 Taschen ISBN 3-8228-1245-5 

Political historiesedit

  • Howard, Thomas W, ed 1981 The North Dakota Political Tradition Iowa State University Press ISBN 0-8138-0520-1 
  • Morlan, Robert L 1955 Political Prairie Fire: The Nonpartisan League, 1915–1922 University of Minnesota Press 
  • University of North Dakota; Bureau of Governmental Affairs, eds 1979 A Compilation of North Dakota Political Party Platforms, 1884–1978 University of North Dakota, Bureau of Governmental Affairs 

Social historyedit

  • Arends, Shirley Fischer 1989 The Central Dakota Germans: Their History, Language, and Culture Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press ISBN 0-87840-198-9 
  • Benson, Bjorn; Hampsten, Elizabeth; Sweney, Kathryn, eds 1988 Day In, Day Out: Women's Lives in North Dakota University of North Dakota ISBN 0-9608700-2-4 
  • Berg, Francie M, ed 1983 Ethnic Heritage in North Dakota Heathway ISBN 0-918532-13-2 
  • Ginsburg, Faye D 1989 Contested Lives: The Abortion Debate in an American Community Fargo, ND University of California Press ISBN 0-520-21735-7 
  • Lindgren, H Elaine 1996 Land in Her Own Name: Women as Homesteaders in North Dakota University of Oklahoma Press ISBN 0-8061-2886-0 
  • Sherman, William C; Thorson, Playford V, eds 1988 Plains Folk: North Dakota's Ethnic History North Dakota State University ISBN 0-911042-35-0 
  • Sherman, William C 1983 Prairie Mosaic: An Ethnic Atlas of Rural North Dakota North Dakota State University ISBN 0-911042-27-X 


  • Willard, Daniel E 1903 The story of the prairies; or, The landscape geology of North Dakota PDF Chicago: Rand, McNally and Company 


  • Collections of the State Historical Society of North Dakota Volume 1 PDF State Historical Society of North Dakota 1906 
    • Volume 2, 1908
    • Volume 4, 1915
    • Volume 6, 1920


  • Budge, Chrissie 1959 Bibliography of the Geology and Natural Resources of North Dakota 1814 - 1944 with Supplements - One and Two North Dakota Geological Survey 
  • Scott, Mary Woods 1981 Annotated Bibliography Of The Geology Of North Dakota 1960–1979 North Dakota Geological Survey 
  • "Summary of North Dakota History-Conclusion and Bibliography" North Dakota State Government Retrieved 2011-12-24 

See alsoedit

  • Bibliography of Montana history
  • Bibliography of the Lewis and Clark Expedition


  1. ^ Lounsberry, Clement 1919 Early History of North Dakota, Essential Outlines of American History PDF Washington DC: Liberty Press 

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