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The bibcode also known as the "refcode" is a compact identifier used by several astronomical data systems to uniquely specify literature references The Bibliographic Reference Code REFCODE was originally developed to be used in SIMBAD and the NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database NED, but it became a de facto standard and is now used more widely, for example, by the NASA Astrophysics Data System who coined and prefer the term "bibcode" The code has a fixed length of 19 characters and has the form


where YYYY is the four-digit year of the reference and JJJJJ is a code indicating where the reference was published In the case of a journal reference, VVVV is the volume number, M indicates the section of the journal where the reference was published eg, L for a letters section, PPPP gives the starting page number, and A is the first letter of the last name of the first author Periods are used to fill unused fields and to pad fields out to their fixed length if too short; padding is done on the right for the publication code and on the left for the volume number and page number Page numbers greater than 9999 are continued in the M column The 6-digit article ID numbers in lieu of page numbers used by the Physical Review publications since the late 1990s are treated as follows: The first two digits of the article ID, corresponding to the issue number, are converted to a lower-case letter 01 = a etc and inserted into column M The remaining four digits are used in the page field Some examples of the code are as follows:

Bibcode        Reference
1974AJ79819H   Heintz, W D 1974 "Astrometric study of four visual binaries" The Astronomical Journal 79: 819–825 Bibcode:1974AJ79819H doi:101086/111614 
1924MNRAS84308E   Eddington, A S 1924 "On the relation between the masses and luminosities of the stars" Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 84 5: 308–332 Bibcode:1924MNRAS84308E doi:101093/mnras/845308 
1970ApJ161L77K   Kemp, J C; Swedlund, J B; Landstreet, J D; Angel, J R P 1970 "Discovery of circularly polarized light from a white dwarf" The Astrophysical Journal Letters 161: L77–L79 Bibcode:1970ApJ161L77K doi:101086/180574 
2004PhRvL93o0801M   Mukherjee, M; Kellerbauer, A; Beck, D; et al 2004 "The Mass of 22Mg" Physical Review Letters 93 15: 150801 Bibcode:2004PhRvL93o0801M doi:101103/PhysRevLett93150801 

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