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Bhojpuri literature

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Bhojpuri literature includes literature written in Bhojpuri language, a language spoken primarily in Eastern parts of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and adjoining districts of Bihar state as well as some other parts of the world Until recently there was little written in the language other than poetry and songs

Distinct literary traditions in Bhojpuri language date back to medieval periods when saints and bhakts of the region adapted a mixed language for their works

Lorikayan, or the story of Veer Lorik, is a famous Bhojpuri folklore of Eastern Uttar Pradesh Bhikhari Thakur's Bidesiya is another famous book

The first Bhojpuri novel Bindiã was written in 1956 by Ram Nath Pandey It was published by Bhojpuri Sansad, Jagatganj, Varanasi

Notable Bhojpuri novelists are Ram Nath Pandey, Viveki Rai, Pandey Kapil , Ramesh Chandra Jha and Pradhyapak Achal who has written the famous bhojpuri novel Sunnar kaka


Initial period 1947 to 1961: First Bhojpuri short story Jehali ke Sanad was published in this period The first Bhojpuri novel Bindiã by Ram Nath Pandey also published in 1956

Between 1961 and 1975:- Nearly ten novels were published Notable are Tharuhat ke babua aur bahuriya 1965, Jeevan Saah 1964, Semar ke phool 1966, Rahanidaar beti 1966, Ego subah ego saanjh 1967, Sunnar kaka 1976 Most of these are social drama while the first one is called a regional novel which elaborates life of Tharu tribal people

Modern Period After 1975: More than 30 novels have been written Some notable of these are - Phulsunghi 1977, Bhor musukaail 1978, Ghar-tola-gaon 1979, Jinigi ke raah 1982, Darad ke dahar 1983, Achhoot 1986, mahendar Misisr 1994, Imiritiya Kaki 1997, Amangal hari 1998, Awa lavati chalin ja 2000, Adhe aadh 2000 etc of which Phulsunghi by Pandey kapil is one of the best novels written in Bhojpuri Amangal hari 1998 was written by Viveki Rai, a critic himself Surma Sagun Bichare Na is a notable novel written by Ramesh Chandra Jha

Purvi Ke Dhah, written by Jauhar Safiavadi, is the first Bhojpuri novel to be published by National Book Trust It was launched by prominent Hindi critic Namvar Singh at Chhapra

Bhojpuri Poet Manoj Bhawuk has written many books and been honored with the Bhartiya Bhasha Parishad Award in 2006 for his Ghazal collection Tasveer zindagi ke He has also written a history of Bhojpuri cinema


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