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Bay View High School

bay view high school, bay view high school class of 1968 reunion
Bay View Middle/High School BVMHS, previously Bay View High School BVHS, is a high school in Bay View, Milwaukee, Wisconsin It is part of the Milwaukee Public Schools Academic specialties include law, mathematics, science, and construction


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Bay View High School opened in September 1914 with 150 students and 7 teachers The school was then a one-building barracks without central heating With German teacher Gustav Fritsche as principal, the barracks grew to a bungalow, and in 1922 classes were held in a new school, still in use today

The four-story brick building was a vast improvement over the wooden barracks Later renovations included the modernization of rooms and lighting; the separation of the east and west study halls into one-story units, later converted to classrooms; a library; and a little theater/conference center In 1976, another addition to the building included a gym with 1200 seats for spectators

The Oracle Newspaper was first issued in 1915 In 1917, the Oracle, then a booklet of 48 half-pages, began publication as a yearbook With new facilities, athletics became an important extra-curricular activity, and included football, track and field, basketball, swimming and cross country Early clubs included Girls' Club 1914, Stage Crew 1924, Art Club 1932 and X Club 1938 A student government association was organized in 1947, and the Redcat mascot was adopted in the early 1950s In 1985, the girls softball team won the WIAA state championship

mid-20th century to 21st centuryedit

Bay View, prior to racial integration, was overwhelmingly populated with residents of Bay View After desegregation, Bay View's student body changed its composition, and now the school's students come from all over Milwaukee Older residents felt that the school lost its identity6

In 2010 the school had 1,153 students 839 students living in the Bay View attendance zone went to other MPS schools, and that year 86 students at Bay View High lived in the school's attendance zone, making up 75% of the school's students In the 2009-2010 school year the State of Wisconsin ranked it as among the lowest performing schools in Wisconsin, and area parents avoided the school due to substandard graduation rates and test scores7 In 2012 Bay View was one of the high schools designated by MPS as a "metro school", meaning one of its lowest performing8

In 2010 Bay View became a combined middle and high school after Fritsche Middle School was consolidated into it7

The projected enrollment for fall 2011 was 1,761 That year a group of area parents started a grass-roots advocacy to have a university preparatory program at Bay View High due to the difficulty in admissions in area magnet schools7

Around 2011 the school installed Jesse Mazur as its principal In 2012 various staff and others asked MPS officials to keep Mazur after Mazur revealed that MPS was listing the position of principal as being "vacant" for 20128

In 2012 Milwaukee alderman Tony Zielinski described the school as unsafe after a fight at Bay View resulted in 30 students being arrested9

In 2014 the school had 900 students That year Alan J Borsuk of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported that the staff at Bay View were making efforts to improve the school's performance In 2014 fewer than 20 students from Humboldt Park School matriculated to Bay View, due to the efforts of SpringBoard, am Advanced Placement AP preparation program10


As of 2014update there were 900 students 58% were Black, 30% were Hispanic or Latino, and 10% were White 65% of all students lived within five miles of the school, and of all students 10% lived within two miles of the school10


In 2009 the staff of the Discovery World museum created the course "The Art and Archaeology of Me" which allows students to document historical artifacts and historical information in Bay View historical sites6

Notable alumniedit

  • Laurie Bembenek, former police officer convicted of murdering her husband's ex-wife11
  • Dwight Buycks, NBA for Toronto Raptors
  • Irv Comp, NFL player with Green Bay Packers in 1940s; member of Packers Hall of Fame
  • Robert R Heider, member of Wisconsin State Assembly
  • Salome Jens, actress
  • Esther Jones, 1992 US Olympic gold medalist in track
  • Amar Kaleka, filmmaker12
  • Tony Kubek, MLB player with New York Yankees; member of Major League Baseball's Hall of Fame for broadcasters
  • Cal Luther, college basketball coach
  • Michael McGee, Jr, former alderman of Milwaukee's Sixth District
  • Sandy Pasch, member of Wisconsin State Assembly
  • Rosemary Potter, member of Wisconsin State Assembly
  • James A Rutkowski, member of Wisconsin State Assembly
  • Lance Sijan, Air Force Officer and Medal of Honor recipient
  • Christine Sinicki, member of Wisconsin State Assembly
  • Louise M Tesmer, member of Wisconsin State Assembly
  • Angela Nicole Walker, labor organizer and 2016 Socialist Party USA vice-presidential nominee


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Further readingedit

  • Letter from the Bay View Alumni Association to MPS asking the district to keep Mazur - 2012-03-22
  • Opinion Slapczynski, Dennis 2012-04-10 "How to fix Bay View High" Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Retrieved 2017-01-01 
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External linksedit

  • Bay View High School website
  • 1962 Yearbook

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