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bap1 mesothelioma, bap1 cancer syndrome


RefSeq protein



Location UCSC Chr 3: 524 – 5241 Mb Chr 14: 3125 – 3126 Mb PubMed search 1 2 Wikidata
Bap1 knockout mouse phenotype
Characteristic Phenotype
All data available at2126
Peripheral blood leukocytes 6 Weeks Normal
Insulin Normal
Haematology 6 Weeks Normal
Homozygous viability at P14 Abnormal
Recessive lethal study Abnormal
Body weight Normal
Neurological assessment Normal
Grip strength Normal
Dysmorphology Normal
Indirect calorimetry Normal
Glucose tolerance test Normal
Auditory brainstem response Normal
DEXA Normal
Radiography Normal
Eye morphology Normal
Clinical chemistry Normal
Haematology 16 Weeks Normal
Peripheral blood leukocytes 16 Weeks Normal
Heart weight Normal
Salmonella infection Normal
Cytotoxic T Cell Function Normal
Spleen Immunophenotyping Normal
Mesenteric Lymph Node Immunophenotyping Normal
Bone Marrow Immunophenotyping Normal
Epidermal Immune Composition Normal
Influenza Challenge Normal
Trichuris Challenge Normal


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  • Human BAP1 genome location and BAP1 gene details page in the UCSC Genome Browser

Further readingedit

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