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Ballard MacDonald

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Ballard MacDonald October 15, 1882 – November 17, 1935 was an American lyricist, who was a part of Tin Pan Alley

Born in Portland, Oregon, he was a charter member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers ASCAP

MacDonald wrote lyrics for a song called "Play That Barber-Shop Chord" in 1910, which became a hit with revised lyrics when it was sung in The Ziegfeld Follies by vaudeville star Bert Williams1 He subsequently worked with composer Harry Carroll on "On the Mississippi" 1912 and "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine" 1912, based on the million-selling novel He also partnered with James F Hanley, which produced the 1917 hit "Back Home Again In Indiana1

In the early '20s, MacDonald turned his attention to Broadway revues, which in 1924 brought him his most notable musical collaborator in George Gershwin In 1926, MacDonald teamed up with Walter Donaldson to write songs for the Broadway show Sweetheart Time1

Thumbs Up was MacDonald's final Broadway show1 He died in Forest Hills, New York


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  • 1912 On the Mississippi with Harry Carroll1
  • 1912 The Trail of the Lonesome Pine with Harry Carroll1
  • 1914 Fatherland, the Motherland, the Land of My Best Girl m: Harry Carroll2
  • 1914 Tip-Top Tipperary Mary m: Harry Carroll3
  • 1914 War in Snider's Grocery Store with Hank Hancock & Harry Carroll3
  • 1915 I Wanna Be the Captain or I Won't Play m: Alfred Von Tilzer2
  • 1915 Is That You O'Reilly 2
  • 1915 Played by a Military Band m: Halsey K Mohr3
  • 1916 War Babies with Edward Madden m: James F Hanley3
  • 1917 Back Home Again In with James F Hanley1
  • 1917 Mister Butterfly m: Leo Edwards2
  • 1917 Never Forget to Write Home m: James F Hanley2
  • 1917 Ragtime Volunteers Are Off to War m: James F Hanley3
  • 1917 We'll Be There, on the Land, on the Sea, in the Air m: James F Hanley3
  • 1918 At the Dixie Military Ball m: Harry Carroll2
  • 1918 Don't You Go and Worry, Mary m: Halsey K Mohr2
  • 1918 Dreaming of Home Sweet Home m: James F Hanley2
  • 1918 Father Will Be with Us Soon m: Nat Osborne2
  • 1918 I've Got a Ten Day Pass for a Honeymoon With the Girl I Left Behind with Walter Donaldson m: James F Hanley2
  • 1918 Little Bit of Sunshine From Home with Joe Goodwin m: James F Hanley2
  • 1918 Magic in Your Big Blue Eyes m: Nat Osborne2
  • 1918 Strolling 'Round the Camp with Mary m: Nat Osborne3
  • 1918 Three Wonderful Letters from Home with Joe Goodwin m: James F Hanley3
  • 1918 With the Rose I Send This Heart of Mine m: Nat Osborne3
  • 1919 Another Good Man Gone Wrong m: Nat Osborne2
  • 1919 M'sieur Jimmie Come and Shake Ze Shimmy m: Nat Osborne2
  • 1919 On a Little Farm in Normandie m: Nat Osborne3
  • 1920 I Was a Florodora Baby with Harry Carroll

Selective list of song creditsedit

  • "Beautiful Ohio" MacDonald/Robert A King, 1918
  • "Rose of Washington Square" MacDonald/James F Hanley
  • "Second Hand Rose", 1921
  • "Parade of the Wooden Soldiers" MacDonald/Leon Jessel, 1922
  • "Back Home Again in Indiana" MacDonald/James F Hanley, 1917
  • The Trail of the Lonesome Pine" MacDonald/Harry Carroll, 1913
  • "Play That Barbershop Chord"
  • "Clap Hands! Here Comes Charley!"
  • "Somebody Loves Me"
  • "Bend Down, Sister"
  • "Down in Bom Bombay"
  • "On the Mississippi"
  • "There's a Light That's Burning in the Window of the Little House Upon the Hill"


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External linksedit

  • Ballard MacDonald at allmusic
  • Ballard MacDonald in the Songwriters Hall of Fame
  • Ballard MacDonald on IMDb
  • Sheet music for "Dreamy Alabama", New York: Shapiro, Bernstein & Co, 1919 From Alabama Sheet Music Collection

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