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Bakersfield Open

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The Bakersfield Open was a golf tournament on the Nike Tour It ran from 1990 to 1993, and was played in Bakersfield, California In 1990 and 1991, it was played at Bakersfield Country Club In 1992 and 1993, it was played at Seven Oaks Country Club The 1990 event was the very first played on the tour, then called the Ben Hogan Tour1


−14 Playoff Jim Furyk
Sonny Skinner
150,000 27,000
Ben Hogan Bakersfield Open
1992 Tom Garner  United States 205 −11 2 strokes Steve Lowery 150,000 30,000
1991 Olin Browne  United States 207 −9 4 strokes Bob Friend
Ron Streck
100,000 20,000
1990 Mike Springer  United States 209 −7 2 strokes David Tentis 100,000 20,000

Bolded golfers graduated to the PGA Tour via the final Ben Hogan Tour money list


  1. ^ "Webcom Tour chronology" PGA Tour Retrieved October 27, 2016 

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