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Badr-4 aka Arabsat 4B is an EADS Astrium-built communications satellite operated by Arabsat, launched 8 November 2006 on a Proton-M/Briz-M rocket It provides fixed satellite communications services in C- and Ku-bands from the 26° East orbital position

The satellite is based on the Eurostar E2000+ platform Its payload was supplied by Alcatel Alenia Space The Badr-4-payload consists of 28 active channels in Ku band 16 in BSS and 12 in FSS Payload power is about 6 kW The satellite has two 25 m deployable antennas and one 135 m top floor antenna

Badr 4 is located at 260°E

Due to success of the satellite, Arabsat let another agreement for an upgraded version of Badr-4 communication satellite: in June 2006, Arabsat gave the contract to EADS Astrium for construction of Badr-6, a high-power broadcast satellite to cover the Middle East and Africa Badr-6 was launched by an Ariane 5 on 7 July 2008


This satellite carries 32 transponders in Ku band/FSS & Ku band/BSS The spacecraft utilizes Astrium's Eurostar E2000+ platform to carry 22 C-band transponders including eight 52 W moderate power transponders and 12 Ku band transponders


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