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Babita Sharma

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Babita Sharma born April 1977 is a British television newsreader on BBC News TV channel and BBC World News, presenting the Newsday strand each Monday to Wednesday from London with Rico Hizon in Singapore


Sharma is of Indian descent born in 1977 and grew up in Reading, Berkshire She attended the University of Wales and graduated with a degree in Journalism, Film and Broadcasting After completing her education, Sharma began working with BBC Radio Wales and Thames Valley Television She moved to Dubai, working on radio for Channel 4 FM and for Ajman TV where she presented a weekly music programme She returned to the UK in 2003 and began her BBC career at BBC Radio Berkshire as a travel presenter and producer She then moved to the newsroom in Southampton, reporting and producing for BBC South Today In 2007 she moved on to BBC Spotlight Channel Islands working as a video journalist and regular presenter of the evening bulletin

Sharma transferred to the BBC News Channel in 2008, initially as presenter of the Your Money programme In early 2009, she assumed the main business role and then moved to the BBC News Channel and BBC World News in her current full-time presenting role For the BBC World News programme Newsday, which began airing from its new studios on 31 July 2015, Sharma has served as live anchor from the main Broadcasting Centre in London, while Rico Hizon was assigned the main broadcasting role from Singapore The "World Travel Market global trends report 2013", which was prepared for the World Travel Market and the Euromonitor International was the subject of a panel debate in which Sharma participated She observed: "The global economy in 2013 has stabilized compared to 2012 with a 31% gross-domestic-product growth expected for the year The International Monetary Fund predicts a further 38% increase during 2014"

Sharma also hosts various ceremonies, such as the Angel Film Awards at the Monaco International Film Festival from 2011 to 2013 and the 2012 Wings of Hope Achievement Award ceremony She also moderates panel discussions and speaks at conferences, such as the World Travel Market


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