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B♭ (musical note)

c musical note, b sharp musical note
B♭ B-flat; also called si bémol is the eleventh step of the Western chromatic scale starting from C

It lies a diatonic semitone above A and a chromatic semitone below B, thus being enharmonic to A♯ although in some musical tunings, B♭ will have a different sounding pitch than A♯ B-flat is also enharmonic to C

When calculated in equal temperament with a reference of A above middle C as 440 Hz, the frequency of the B♭ above middle C is approximately 466164 Hz See pitch music for a discussion of historical variations in frequency

While orchestras tune to an A provided by the oboist, wind ensembles usually tune to a B-flat provided by a tuba, horn, or clarinet

In Germany, Russia, Poland and Scandinavia this pitch is designated B, with 'H' used to designate the B-natural or enharmonically C♭ Since the 1990s, B flat is often denoted Bb or "Bess" instead of B in Swedish music textbooks Natural B is called B by Swedish jazz and pop musicians, but still denoted H in classical music See B musical note for an explanation


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  • 2 Scales
    • 21 Common scales beginning on B♭
    • 22 Diatonic scales
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Designation by octaveedit

Scientific designation Helmholtz designation Bilinear music notation Octave name Frequency Hz
B♭−1 B♭͵͵͵ or ͵͵͵B♭ or BBBB♭ -uB♭ Subsubcontra 14568
B♭0 B♭͵͵ or ͵͵B♭ or BBB♭ -vB♭ Subcontra 29135
B♭1 B♭͵ or ͵B♭ or BB♭ -wB♭ Contra 58270
B♭2 B♭ -xB♭ Great 116541
B♭3 b♭ -yB♭ Small 233082
B♭4 b♭′ zB♭ One-lined 466164
B♭5 b♭′′ yB♭ Two-lined 932328
B♭6 b♭′′′ xB♭ Three-lined 1864655
B♭7 b♭′′′′ wB♭ Four-lined 3729310
B♭8 b♭′′′′′ vB♭ Five-lined 7458620
B♭9 b♭′′′′′′ uB♭ Six-lined 14917240
B♭10 b♭′′′′′′′ tB♭ Seven-lined 29834481


Common scales beginning on B♭edit

  • B♭ Major: B♭ C D E♭ F G A B♭
  • B♭ Natural Minor: B♭ C D♭ E♭ F G♭ A♭ B♭
  • B♭ Harmonic Minor: B♭ C D♭ E♭ F G♭ A B♭
  • B♭ Melodic Minor Ascending: B♭ C D♭ E♭ F G A B♭
  • B♭ Melodic Minor Descending: B♭ A♭ G♭ F E♭ D♭ C B♭

Diatonic scalesedit

  • B♭ Ionian: B♭ C D E♭ F G A B♭
  • B♭ Dorian: B♭ C D♭ E♭ F G A♭ B♭
  • B♭ Phrygian: B♭ C♭ D♭ E♭ F G♭ A♭ B♭
  • B♭ Lydian: B♭ C D E F G A B♭
  • B♭ Mixolydian: B♭ C D E♭ F G A♭ B♭
  • B♭ Aeolian: B♭ C D♭ E♭ F G♭ A♭ B♭
  • B♭ Locrian: B♭ C♭ D♭ E♭ F♭ G♭ A♭ B♭

Jazz melodic minoredit

  • B♭ Ascending Melodic Minor: B♭ C D♭ E♭ F G A B♭
  • B♭ Dorian ♭2: B♭ C♭ D♭ E♭ F G A♭ B♭
  • B♭ Lydian Augmented: B♭ C D E F♯ G A B♭
  • B♭ Lydian Dominant: B♭ C D E F G A♭ B♭
  • B♭ Mixolydian ♭6: B♭ C D E♭ F G♭ A♭ B♭
  • B♭ Locrian ♮2: B♭ C D♭ E♭ F♭ G♭ A♭ B♭
  • B♭ Altered: B♭ C♭ D♭ E F♭ G♭ A♭ B♭

See alsoedit

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  • List of B-flat instruments
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  • B-flat minor
  • Root chord

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