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Aya Group

aya group of companies, aya group
The Aya Group of Companies, commonly referred to as the Aya Group, is a business conglomerate based in Uganda


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With headquarters at 62 Bombo Road, Kawempe, in northern Kampala, Uganda's largest city, the group's business activities extend to the countries of Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, and South Sudan Aya Group also maintains subsidiaries in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and in New York City The company headquarters is located approximately 9 kilometres 56 mi, by road, north of the central business district of the city The approximate coordinates of the Aya Group are 0°22'390"N, 32°33'170"E Latitude:0377500; Logitude:32554725


As of June 2014, the Aya Group was a fast-growing conglomerate It is one of the largest corporate employers in Uganda, with over 5,000 people under payroll With a total asset base in excess of US$400 million, the group is involved in the following business lines, among others: food processing, investments, transportation, real estate development, hospitality, mining, and merchandising

The 300-room Kampala Hilton Hotel, under construction by Aya Investments, a subsidiary of the group, sits on Nakasero Hill in central Kampala The hotel will cost over US$150 million to build and is Hilton Hotels' largest investment in Africa to-date It will be Uganda's third 5-star hotel, next to the Kampala Serena Hotel, which was commissioned in 2006, and the Kampala Intercontinental Hotel, currently under construction Because the majority of construction materials are sourced locally, the construction of this hotel has contributed enormously to Uganda's economy

Fifi Transport Limited, another group subsidiary, owns a fleet of Mercedes Benz trucks fitted with state-of-the-art global positioning satellite technology, making this fleet one of the few to be so technologically equipped in this part of the world

Aya Foundation

The Aya Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization that was set up on the urging Mohammed Hamid, the Group Chairman The foundation assists organizations that cater for needy children One area that the foundation pays special attention to is the provision of pediatric medications

Subsidiary companies

The Aya Group includes but is not limited to the following companies:

  • Aya Bakery Limited - Kampala, Uganda
  • Aya Biscuits Limited - Kampala, Uganda
  • Aya Foundation Limited - Kampala, Uganda - non-profit charity, helping needy children
  • Aya Investments Limited - Kampala Uganda - Owners of Kampala Hilton Hotel - One of the only three 5-star hotels in Uganda
  • Aya Mills Limited - Kampala, Uganda
  • Fifi Transport Limited - Kampala, Uganda
  • Pan Afric Commodities Limited - Kampala, Uganda
  • Aya Minining Limited - Kampala, Uganda
  • Aya Mohammed Trade Plc - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Aya Property Developers Inc - New York City

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