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Augustus G. Paine Jr.

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Augustus Gibson Paine Jr October 19, 1866 – October 23, 1947 was an American paper manufacturer and bank official1


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Born in New York City, he was the son of Augustus G Paine Sr 1839–19152 and Charlotte M Bedell Paine 1840–192912 He was educated privately in the United States and Europe1 He became president of the New York and Pennsylvania Company, which was based in 230 Park Avenue1 The New York and Pennsylvania Company was one of the leading paper manufacturers in the country and a major supplier to the Curtis Publishing Company, the publisher of the Ladies' Home Journal, The Saturday Evening Post and others He died in his home at 31 East 69th Street after a long illness at the age of 81,1 and was laid to rest in Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx345


In 1888 he married Maud Eustis Potts April 3, 1865 – June 4, 19191, who converted from the Episcopal Church to Catholicism in 19136 Together they had five sons:1

  1. Augustus Gibson Paine III
  2. George Eustis Paine 1894–1953, was chairman of the board of the New York and Pennsylvania Company until his death He married Helen Ellis Paine 1895–1948, and their son was State Senator George Eustis Paine 1920–1991
  3. Alexander Brooks Paine
  4. Hugh Eustis Paine
  5. Peter Standish Paine, who was president of the New York and Pennsylvania Company

All his sons married and had children themselves1

Four years after the passing of his first wife, he married Francisca Machado Warren April 3, 1891 – February 8, 19817, daughter of Minton and Salomé Machado Warren of Cambridge, at St John's Memorial Chapel in Cambridge8 Together they had one daughter, Francisca Warren1 Minton Warren d 1907 was a Latin professor at Johns Hopkins and later Harvard University, while Salomé Machado was of Cuban background9

Augustus G Paine Jr was also the grandfather of the actress Molly McGreevey

Architectural commissionsedit

Augustus G Paine Jr House, since the 1950s the Austrian Consulate General in New York

Paine was closely associated with the architect C P H Gilbert, who received a number of commissions from him, such as his townhouse in New York's Upper East Side on 31 East 69th Street in 1917–1810 The house was sold to the Austrian government in 1952, the Austrian Consulate General is located in it today111213 Augustus G Paine Jr was also based in Willsboro, New York, due to his paper mill being located there Gilbert received commissions from Paine to construct the Essex County Bank in 192114 In May 1930 Paine also donated a whole library to the town of Willsboro, in memory of his mother, in the sum of $150,00015 Both the bank and the library were constructed by Gilbert in the Neoclassical style16

Paine also had Flat Rock Camp, his summer retreat on the shores of Lake Champlain in Willsboro, constructed for his family17


Paine was an avid hobby ornithologist At the age of 19 or 20, together with Lewis B Woodruff, he composed a list of birds of Central Park, counting over 100 species This was regarded as the first official list of birds of Central Park, and was published in Forest and Stream on June 10, 188618 An article in The New Yorker on August 26, 1974, calls attention to this early list19

His collection of some 1,200 specimens were later donated by his family to the American Museum of Natural History under the name "Paine-Jordan bird collection" A copy of the original catalogue and documents relating to the gift were also given by the family to the museum archive


Graves of Augustus G Paine Jr and his second wife Francisca Warren in Woodlawn Cemetery, the Bronx
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