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1 French Land Register data, which excludes lakes, ponds, glaciers > 1 km² 0386 sq mi or 247 acres and river estuaries

2 Population without double counting: residents of multiple communes eg, students and military personnel only counted once

Aubergenville is a commune in the Yvelines department in north-central France It is located between Mantes-la-Jolie and Saint-Germain-en-Laye, in the valley of the Seine This city is located near the Côteau de Montgardé on the road to Normandy


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At the time tradition, marked by the installation in Versailles of Monarchy 1672, three fields structured the commune: The field of Acosta, in 1661, was acquired by Mr de Mannevillette, who build the castle as well as the two houses located on both sides of the town In 1671, a great number of trees were planted in the park of the castle: charms, birches, elms, wild cherry trees, chestnuts and 400 fir trees It is into 1758 that the property was acquired by Such of Acosta, which left the ground its name The field of Garenne which extends close to the river was in the beginning a vast flanked middle-class house of an important farmer Around 1766, it was transformed into a castle Its new owner acquires a great number of pieces of historical information and items, unique to the field The field of Montgardé of which, in 1416, was purchased by the chapter of Notre Dame de Paris In the 15th century, the old farm was converted into a middle-class house and became the residence of the lords of Nézel after the destruction of their castle


Year Pop ±%
1793 574 —    
1800 655 +141%
1806 659 +06%
1821 620 −59%
1831 5 for d7x71ybyftx9u —    
1836 495 —    
1841 504 +18%
1846 545 +81%
1851 494 −94%
1856 466 −57%
1861 450 −34%
1866 481 +69%
1872 479 −04%
1876 483 +08%
1881 474 −19%
1886 527 +112%
1891 523 −08%
1896 472 −98%
1901 468 −08%
1906 488 +43%
1911 506 +37%
1921 560 +107%
1926 840 +500%
1931 1,118 +331%
1936 1,089 −26%
1946 1,102 +12%
1954 1,942 +762%
1962 2,729 +405%
1968 7,513 +1753%
1975 10,242 +363%
1982 10,010 −23%
1990 11,776 +176%
1999 11,667 −09%
2009 12,096 +37%

Evolution and changesedit

The destiny of Aubergenville was marked by the French Revolution by law of 2 November 1789, which removes the monastic orders and declares property national all the goods of the clergy With the passing of years, constructions became more consequent until the residents were able to build larger houses, suitable for starting larger families

A rural world settled gradually and their life was changed by the great events which marked France from around 1400 AD to 1900 AD Epidemic of Cholera, Wars, other disease outbreaks and of the more pleasant events at the local level

In 1780, the construction of the royal road between Mantes and Saint-Germain introduced the first and strongest lines to other villages, towns and cities The removal of certain grounds to the profit of roads pushed the inhabitants to find a solution to reduce the damage They proposed a modification of the layout and its recovery by complaining to the council This would have had the advantage of generating an increase of people to the town Instead of that, the village tended to move away from the road to avoid this happening

In 1843, the railway from Paris to Rouen was constructed With the origin, the station of Aubergenville was equipped only with one stop for travellers Following these evolutions, the council then built a number of industrial buildings and houses to accommodate the great number of very varied industrial activities

On 10 May 1944, a Royal Air Force Lancaster airplane crashed in Aubergenville Seven airmen died in the crash and are buried in Aubergenville cemetery1

After the war there was an important transformation in the landscape and the local ways of life Then the Renault factory was established in Flins in 1952 and Aubergenville saw its population multiplied by 5 in almost 20 years Aubergenville then passed from the stage of borough to that of city Located at 80% on the territory of Aubergenville, the factory bears the name of Flins all the same The site was retained to share the ideal situation for the time The barges could bring weighty materials, and later the motorway of the west was born and allowed faster connections with the head office of Boulogne-Billancourt The colossal size of the Renault factory and the brief history which precedes made it possible to appreciate the extent of the repercussions which appear on the territory It is necessary to place and build all the equipment necessary to the employees and their families employees' houses, etc


  • Kévin Afougou, footballer
  • Tony Diagne, footballer
  • Sébastien Schuller, Musician

International relationsedit

Aubergenville Villes jumelées town twinnings See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in France

Twin towns — Sister citiesedit

Aubergenville is twinned with:

  • Bełchatów in Poland2
  • Alcobaça in Portugal
  • Dieburg in Germany
  • Horndean in England3

See alsoedit

  • Communes of the Yvelines department


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