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Attention management

attention management, attention management strategies
Attention management refers to models and tools for supporting the management of attention at the individual or at the collective level cf attention economy, and at the short-term quasi real time or at a longer term over periods of weeks or months

Different studies have been conducted in using Information and Communications Technology ICT for supporting attention, and in particular, models have been elaborated for supporting attention Davenport & Beck 2001Roda & Nabeth 2008

Supporting the management of attention objective is to bring a certain number of solutions to:

  • people perception cognitive limitations, such as the limited capacity of the human short-term memory an average number of 4 items Cowan 2001 can be managed at a given time, or the theoretical cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships the Dunbar's number of 150
  • information overload
  • social interaction overload that may for instance originate from the online social networking services from which people get a lot of solicitations
  • interruption Kebinger 2005
  • multitasking Rosen 2008

Tools can be designed for supporting attention

  • at the organizational level, by supporting organization processes Apostolou, Karapiperis & Stojanovic 2008
  • at the collective level
  • at the individual level, for instance using attentive user interfaces Vertegaal 2003 Vertegaal et al 2006 Huberman & Wu 2008
  • at the individual level by helping people to assess and analyze their attention related practices for instance with the tool AttentionScape Davenport,Beck 2001

These tools are often adaptive hypermedia, and often rely on profiling the user Nabeth 2008 in order determine how to better support people's attention


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A certain number of projects have been conducted to investigate how to use ICT to support attention such as:

  • AtGentive – Attentive Agents for Collaborative Learners
  • SAKE – Semantic-enabled Agile Knowledge-based eGovernment IST 027128
  • SUITOR Maglio et al 2000

See also

  • Attention economy
  • Information overload
  • Personal information management
  • Time management
  • User modeling


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  • AtGentiveWatch: Attention

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