Atithi (2002 film)

Atithi Kannada: ಅತಿಥಿ, The Guest is a 2002 Indian Kannada language film directed by P Sheshadri The film deals with terrorism and the psychology of the terrorist


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  • Prakash Rai
  • H G Dattathreya
  • Lakshmi Chandrashekar
  • Baby Raksha
  • C R Shashikumar
  • Kitty
  • Ramesh Pandit
  • Kalpana Naganath


  • The 9/11 US tragedy and a car blast in Bangalore inspired the director Sheshadri to make a film about the psychology of terrorism
  • Prakash Rai reportedly charged just one rupee to act in this film

Critical reception

The film was well received by the critics Critics were particularly unequivocal in their praise of the approach to a complex subject such as terrorism Though the film had terrorism as the theme, there was no throttling noise of blasts and guns

Awards and screening

  • 2002 The film was selected for Indian Panorama in International Film Festival of India, Goa
  • 2003 Screened at Cairo International Film Festival
  • 2001: 49th National Film Awards: Best Film in Kannada

See also

P Sheshadri

    • The overwhelming appreciation, two National Awards, Six Karnataka State Awards, entry in International Film Festivals of India, Kerala, Mumbai, Flanders Belgium, Palm Springs USA,


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  • Atithi on IMDb

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