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Ashes of the Wake

ashes of the wake, ashes of the wake lyrics
Ashes of the Wake is the fourth studio album and first major label release by American metal band Lamb of God, released in 2004 via Epic Records The album debuted at number 27 on the Billboard 200, selling 35,000 copies in its first week and was rated by Guitar World as the 49th greatest Guitar Album of all Time[7] This album also was rated by Metal Hammer as the 5th greatest Metal Album of The 21st Century[8] The album was inspired by the events that took place during the war in Iraq, with songs such as "Ashes of the Wake" which includes snippets of former Marine Staff Sergeant Jimmy Massey in an interview after his return from the Iraq War, "Now You've Got Something to Die For", "One Gun" and "The Faded Line" The quote at the beginning of "Omerta" is a paraphrase of the Sicilian Mafia's code of silence[9] As of August 2010, Ashes of the Wake has sold 398,000 copies in the United States[10] Ten years after its release, as of 2014, sales have topped 400,000 copies sold and is Lamb of God’s best-selling record[11] The album was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America in February 2016[12]


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The first pressing came with a bonus disc titled "Pure American Metal", including songs respectively taken from the band's pervious albums Burn the Priest, New American Gospel and As the Palaces Burn, a live recording of the song "Black Label" from DVD Terror and Hubris, as well as a pre-production demo of the song "Laid to Rest"

The Japanese edition included a bonus song "Another Nail for Your Coffin" which was released worldwide in 2010 on 3-CD box set Hourglass: The Anthology The song was later included on the 15th Anniversary Edition vinyl re-release of the album

A DualDisc version was released in the United States The DVD side contained the album in LPCM 20, and Dolby Digital 51 surround sound, as well as various video clips, including the promo videos for "Now You've Got Something to Die For" intended to promote the Killadelphia release and "Laid to Rest", a short on the New England Metalfest, a "Meet the Band" and a clip from the Terror and Hubris DVD A production error in the 51 mix of "One Gun" causes the vocals to pitch shift high and low throughout the song


The album was generally well received; Blabbermouthnet gave it a 7 rating[4] Johnny Loftus of AllMusic gave it a 4 out of 5 star rating[3] He praised Blythe's vocals, saying they became, "Lamb of God's threshold of pain conduit"

Track listing

All tracks are written by Randy Blythe, Willie Adler, Chris Adler, Mark Morton and John Campbell

1"Laid to Rest"3:50
3"Now You've Got Something to Die For"3:39
4"The Faded Line"4:37
6"Blood of the Scribe"4:23
7"One Gun"3:59
8"Break You"3:35
9"What I've Become"3:28
10"Ashes of the Wake"5:45
11"Remorse is for the Dead"5:41
Total length:47:40
Japanese bonus track
12"Another Nail for Your Coffin"4:37
Pure American Metal First pressing bonus disc
1"Bloodletting" from Burn the Priest1:58
2"The Subtle Arts of Murder and Persuasion" from New American Gospel4:10
3"11th Hour" from As the Palaces Burn3:43
4"Black Label Live" from Terror and Hubris4:37
5"Laid to Rest Demo"3:47




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