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Arm and hammer (symbol)

arm and hammer stock symbol, arm and hammer logo symbol
The arm and hammer is a symbol consisting of a muscular arm holding a hammer Used in ancient times as a symbol of the god Vulcan, it came to be known as a symbol of industry, for example blacksmithing and gold-beating It has been used a symbol by many different kinds of organizations, including banks, local government, Freemasons, and socialist political parties

It has been used in heraldry, appearing in the Coat of arms of Birmingham and Seal of Wisconsin

The similarity to the name of the industrialist Armand Hammer is not a coincidence: he was named after the symbol, as his father Julius was a supporter of socialist causes, including the Socialist Labor Party of America, with its arm-and-hammer logo1

The Arm & Hammer brand is a registered trademark of Church & Dwight, an American manufacturer of household products According to the company, the logo originally represented Vulcan2 Armand Hammer made an offer to outright purchase this company having this brand with the similarity to his name, and while this offer was refused, he eventually acquired enough stock to have a controlling interest and join the board of directors He remained an owner until his death in 19903

An arm-and-hammer sign can be seen in Manette Street, Soho, symbolizing the trade of gold-beating carried on there in the nineteenth century It is referred to by Charles Dickens in A Tale of Two Cities4 As of 2016, the sign there is a replica, with the original being held in the Dickens Museum5


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