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Aquila Wiley February 20, 1835 – June 5, 19101 was an American Union brevet brigadier general during the period of the American Civil War Born in Pennsylvania, he served with the 41st Ohio Volunteers He enlisted in September 1861 and was promoted to the rank of major on March 1, 1862 Wiley was wounded in the Battle of Shiloh and afterwards was promoted to lieutenant colonel on November 20, 1862, but he was later much more seriously wounded at the Battle of Missionary Ridge, causing him to have his leg amputated2 He received his appointment as brevet brigadier general dated to March 13, 18653

After the war, he was a Democratic politician Congressman and future president William McKinley defeated him in 1878 by a vote count of 15,489 to 14,2554 Republican Allen T Wikoff defeated him for the office of Secretary of State in 1872

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