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APC (magazine)

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APC formerly known as Australian Personal Computer is a computer magazine in Australia It is published monthly and comes with a cover-mounted DVD of software The magazine was bought from Bauer Media Group in 2013 by Future plc1

According to the currentwhen editor, Tony Sarno, APC remains the personal computing magazine of choice for IT professionals and "power-users" APC, June 2004, P10 The tagline on the front of the magazine is "high performance personal computing" which APC uses as its point of distinction from other computing titles published in Australia, such as PC User which targets beginner-medium users, and Atomic which targets gamers/modders

APC was first published in May 19802 by Sean Howard and is the longest running computer-magazine in Australia

The magazine also has a website, which publishes daily technology news separate to what's in the printed magazine, with very few exceptions


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APC's staff journalists are:

  • Melanie Farr Deputy Editor
  • Peter Dockrill Web Editor
  • Conrad Bem Notebook Hunter Editor
  • Nick Race Reviews Editor
  • Troy Coleman Art Director and Journalist

Editors of APC:

  • Tony Sarno 2004–current
  • David Flynn 2001–2004
  • Nathan Taylor 2000
  • Helen Dancer 1999–2000
  • Steven Fear 1998–1999
  • Jeremy White 1994–1998
  • Maryanne Phillips 1992–1994
  • Cathy Kennedy 1989–1992
  • Jeremy Horey 1985–1989
  • Sean Howard 1980–1985

Cover discedit

APC has a cover-mounted DVD each month containing a variety of software, which typically includes sample code, programs demonstrated in the magazine's Workshop pages, instructional videos, trial versions of new software and game releases and three to four "full-working versions" of programs that are no longer current editions

APC first included a cover CD on its September 1996 issue On its December 2004 issue, APC switched to DVD instead of CD and was the first IT publication in Australia to do so

It is currently edited and produced by Peter Dockrill, who has worked on it since April 2008


  1. ^ Future Acquires Leading Technology Brands APC and TechLife in Australia: PR Newswire, 16 August 2013
  2. ^ "APC Australia: world's longest-running tech mag" itunes Retrieved 14 November 2016 

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