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Antonín Rezek 13 January 1853 in Jindřichův Hradec – 4 February 1909 in Prague was a renowned Czech political historian, specialized in political and religious history of the 16th to 18th century


Son of a renowned watchmaker, Rezek graduated 1875 at Charles University in Prague, where he became professor of general history in 1883 In the years 1900 - 1903 he was minister of the Imperial Austrian government in Vienna He published numerous popular articles and works, edited many documents from the archives and reedited several Czech chronicles from the 17th century His works excel in perfect documentation and detailed knowledge of the matter


  • Dějiny Čech a Moravy nové doby I, II 1893
  • Dějiny vlády Ferdinanda I v Čechách


  • JIROUŠEK, Bohumil Antonín Rezek České Budějovice: Jihočeská univerzita 2002 ISBN 80-7040-206-7 Czech

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